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Allison Gamboa Info Search Project Busa 111 Section M02 Spring 2013

Question 1a) Companys Full Legal Name: SuperValu Inc Question 1b) Ticker Symbol: SVU Source: Mergent Online

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Question 1c) A ticker symbol is used to identify a stock. Investors then use the ticker symbol to place trade orders. Every stock has a unique ticker symbol which portrays the array of trade orders involved in financial markets.

Question 1d) Publicly traded companies are listed in a stock exchange. Where is your company listed?: NYSE Source: Yahoo! Finance

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Question 1e) Find a short description of your companys industry sector or business.

SuperValu Inc is a grocery and pharmacy selling company that has premium groceries and hard discounts. They are a leading grocery industry in the United States.

Question 1f) Is your company involved in more than one sector or business?: Yes Question 1g) Name the additional sectors: Groceries general line and Retail Food & Beverage, Drug & Tobacco Source: Mergent Online


Question 1h) Each sector is assigned a NAICS code. What does NAICS stand for?:

NAICS code stands for North American Industry Classification System codes

Question 1i) What is your industrys primary NAICS code?: General Line Grocery Merchant Wholesalers (NAICS 424410) Source: Mergent Online

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Question 2a) What is the current price per share for your company?: $4.11 As of March 8, 2013 Source: Yahoo! Finance

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Question 2b) List 2 of your companys competitors: Sysco Corp. & United Natural Foods Inc Source: Mergent Online
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From the stock analysis report, list 2 quantitative measures that would allow an investor to make an investment decision and assess organizational performance of this firm. Question 2c) Quarterly Revenue Growth Question 2d) Average Volume (10 days) Source: Yahoo! Finance



Question 3a) What is the URL for the site? Question 3b) Who is the primary decision maker in your company? CEO Sam K. Duncan Source:


Question 4) Find a current article about your company. Question 4a) Who?: Customers involved in Supervalus changes Question 4b) Why?: Customers should know what Supervalu does with its retail companies & who they sell them to Source: Business Source Premier

Question 5) Find an industry report for your companys industry provided. Surviving Disruption Source: Business Source Premier

Question 5a) Briefly, what does the report indicate about demographic changes for your industry?
The report indicates that large industries are better off if they are aware of how to survive disruptions. Most effectively, companies can act responsively to disruption by identifying the strengths of their disrupters business model; identifying their own relative advantages; and to evaluate the conditions that would help or hinder the disrupter from coopting their current advantages in the future.

Question 5b) Briefly, what marketing strategies is this industry investigating/using?

The strategy being implemented is extendable core, which is known as a business model that permits the disrupter to sustain its performance advantage as it sneaks up market in search of more and more customers.

Question 6) Find an income statement for your company. Source: Yahoo! Finance

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Question 6a) What quantitative measures are you likely to find in an income statement?

Measure 1) Gross Profit: $8,019,000 Measure 2) Operating Income or Loss: $519,000 Measure 3) Net Income: $1,040,000

Question 7) Educational Attainment SacramentoArden-ArcadeRoseville, CA Source: American Community Survey

High school graduate (includes equivalency) Some college, no degree Associate's degree Bachelor's degree Graduate or professional degree

Question 7b) Briefly describe why you would consider educational attainment an important factor to consider when marketing your product or service.

Supervalu should focus more towards attracting high school graduates, people who have some college, and people that have a bachelors degree because the majority of the population has that amount of educational attainment.

Question 7c) Income for the past 12 months - SacramentoArden-Arcade Roseville, CA Source: American Community Survey
$200,000 or more $150,000 to $199,999

$100,000 to $149,999
$75,000 to $99,999 $50,000 to $74,999

$35,000 to $49,999
$25,000 to $34,999 $15,000 to $24,999


$10,000 to $14,999
Less than $10,000 0 50,000 100,000 150,000

Question 7d) Briefly describe why you would consider income an important factor to consider when marketing your product or service.

Supervalu should consider income when selling their grocery products because the majority of the population only makes a little over $50,000, meaning retailers need the incentive to sell products at a lesser cost than other grocery retailers so their consumers will purchase from them instead of their competition.

Question 7e) Educational Attainment Source: US Census Bureau

Question 7e) Income for the past 12 months Source: US Census Bureau

Question 8) Supply Chain

Albertsons (Retailer)
SUPERVALU (Wholesaler)


Question 9) Find industry data on the industry designated by your primary NAICS code. Source: Mergent Online

Current Ratio Inventory Turnover Operating Margin