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Revised Proposal EPT 318 At this point in your learning journey, how do you understand the context of your

professional experience? Why is this context of interest to you? This professional experience takes place at the main OPCC Oak!ille Parent Child Centre" location, which pro!ides parent and child programs to the community, including drop#in programs, toddler and kids programs, parenting programs, and nursery school$ The area is fairly well ser!iced with near%y neigh%ourhood facilities and caters to a community consisting of mostly highly educated, two#parent families in the upper&upper middle class$ While ' had stri!ed to learn in a setting that catered solely to children(s mental health, this professional experience opportunity appealed to me as %ecause?" my mentor possessed similar !iews regarding the importance of addressing child anxiety is this an area that is not well researched&ser!iced?"$ One such program formerly" offered at the OPCC catered to a small group of undiagnosed children experiencing higher than a!erage stress in their li!es and sought to use strategies to help diminish some of this stress for %oth the child and parents$ To my dismay, no authentic therapeutic techni)ues * what does this mean? What would imply that it was +authentic,? were used- howe!er, ' was offered the opportunity to research professional perspecti!es on which coping strategies were most effecti!e$ .antastic/ 0xciting opportunity/ These findings would then %e used as a %asis for further program planning and curriculum de!elopment$ 1y understanding is that, for children with undiagnosed anxieties are anxieties +diagnosed, or is it an +identification, of heightened reaction to anxiety?" who are at risk of de!eloping further mental illness, yet whose guardians ha!e not taken the step toward seeking out more centrali2ed community resources such as 3OC4 3each Out Centre for 4ids", 5ikki Taylor and the OPCC pro!ide a stepping stone to aiding children and parents in need$ interesting- important link to ser!ices" .rom the low intake of children into this program, totaling approximately se!en children, one may deduce that more can %e done to reach a wider audience, or perhaps more effort can %e put into speciali2ing the program to meet the needs of these specific community mem%ers$ or is it a financial %arrier? 's there a fee for ser!ice or is it non#profit, go!ernment funded?" As far as you know at this point, what will you doing in your P0? 1y P0 will consist of curriculum planning for a 6#78 week long program scheduled for 897: for children ages four to se!en who face anxieties$ To implement this, ' will %e conducting research independently, consulting with my mentor, and inter!iewing child psychologists, therapists and other professionals in the field of children(s mental health regarding child anxiety and methods of addressing and reducing it$ As part of my research, ' also hope to e!aluate some of the roles of nature, music and mo!ement, art and animal#assisted therapy as coping mechanisms$ ' would also like to pursue how children and parents may utili2e what is taught in the program in the home and within school settings$ 5amely, what can %e done to %ridge the lessons from the program offered" link programs and information at the OPCC with school initiati!es and the child(s school community? strengthening mesosystem?" ' plan to in!estigate this through inter!iewing parents who pre!iously participated in 5ikki Taylor(s program, other specialists and their techni)ues for incorporating a child(s school life into their practice, and school personnel in regard to how, if at all, they integrate community resources for children who face anxieties and more prominent mental health concerns$ ;pecifically, what early inter!ention is a!aila%le in schools to address children(s mental health, specifically those with high anxiety? 0xcellent/ Perhaps include your in)uiry )uestion here?

COMMUNITIES AS CONTEXTS The %elow sentence is repeated from a%o!e due to lack of room on the preceding page$ + is this an area that is not well researched&ser!iced?",$

<ow do you think your engagement with the community in which you are doing your P0 will %e of !alue&rele!ance&%enefit to you, your mentor&s, others you are working with, and the community at large? ' ha!e little prior knowledge or experience working within parent#child centres and feel that this P0 setting would pro!ide an ample opportunity to familiari2e myself with the plentiful resources found in such centres$ With this in mind, ' will %e a%le to explore communities outside of my own and gain an understanding of how networks are formed and community systems come together to address and support di!erse needs$ At the same time, ' will %e exposed to ser!ices that may %e lacking and groups of people whose needs are not %eing met$ While such information is in!alua%le, the specific focus on resources a!aila%le to children with anxieties and those who are at risk of de!eloping more serious mental disorders will undou%tedly e)uip me with the %ackground knowledge needed to pursue and support a career centering around children(s mental health$ As well, considering that my mentor is the only indi!idual running an OPCC program catering to children(s anxiety, perhaps with my insights, ' could usher in new perspecti!es and community resources that had pre!iously %een o!erlooked$ ' am certain you will, especially with your personal insight into the matter$ What partners and colla%orators will you working&engaging with? Who is your mentor&s? What is their professional role? ' will %e colla%orating with 5ikki Taylor, parent education manager&parenting coach at the OPCC Oak!ille Parent Child Centre"$ 5ikki has pre!iously implemented the +Chillin( 4ids, summer program that caters to parents and children experiencing high le!els of stress$ ' ha!e also %uilt a network of professionals in the field of child de!elopment and those in primary school settings whom ' hope to inter!iew$ .inally, ' will %e corro%orating with my mentors and peers at Charles ;turt =ni!ersity to gain a wider perspecti!e and to strengthen my learning journey$ <ow will you engage your time time#line"? This can %e tentati!e at this time as it su%ject to change$ The majority of my time allotment will take place independently to complete the research and curriculum#planning component of my project$ ' intend to meet with my mentor two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, to discuss progress, pro%lems, and possi%ilities$ ' ha!e already %egun preliminary research into my areas of interest and hope to %e in touch with my mentor while my proposal is %eing re!iewed to make use of time and to ensure ' am a%le to narrow down my in)uiries$ As ' intend on including an inter!iew component in my in!estigation, ' hope to gain ethics appro!al %y mid#late ;eptem%er and %egin scheduling inter!iews in early Octo%er$ >y mid# Octo%er, ' stri!e to ha!e the majority of my inter!iew information collected alongside my independent research so that ' may compare, contrast, and triangulate the findings$ Why do you think&feel this P0 may %e of learning importance to you? Personally, ha!ing grown up with se!ere social anxiety, which, with no early inter!ention, spiraled into co#mor%id depression, the context of my professional experience is especially meaningful to me$ Professionally, ha!ing the opportunity to research areas of interest within the context of the community, ' can %egin to +analy2e and understand the relationship %etween the experiences of young children and their homes, early childhood ser!ices and the area in which they li!e, 4hattar, 897?, ;u%ject Outline"$ @oing so will ultimately e)uip me with the knowledge, competence, resources and networks to aid me in esta%lishing myself and a career ad!ocating for children(s mental health and well%eing$ 't is no%le of you to use your own experiences&hardships to %ring knowledge and help others$ What do you consider your philosophy&understanding of early childhood education and your role as a professional working with&on %ehalf of children and their families? ' support the notion that education has the potential to %ring communities of people, thoughts and theories together$ 0ducators are granted the gift of insight into a myriad of perspecti!es that ignite opportunities for growth on a multitude of le!els$ Our role, then, is to

COMMUNITIES AS CONTEXTS 3 consider oursel!es resources for children and families and to %e self aware" ha!e personal insight into? of our own strengths, limitations, and understandings, which are constantly changing as we are exposed to new experiences and perspecti!es$ As well, we must reinforce the idea of colla%oration %etween children, their parents, their community and a!aila%le resources since children %enefit when parents, who know their child %est, are %rought into the learning process$ What is your understanding of community and how do you think that this professional experience will help you to %etter understand communities as contexts for professional and reflecti!e practice? ' %elie!e that learning is not a solitary act and relies on the contri%ution of community, whether that is communities of thoughts, people or places$ 0ach of these components were touched upon %riefly when studying >ronfen%renner(s ecological system(s theory, which remains a constant reminder of our interconnectedness and how the systems in place in our community are constantly intermingling and %uilding off of one another$ Alongside considering >ronfen%renner(s theory in relation to children, ' feel as though the focus has %een shifted to allow me to consult this theory as a means of understanding my own theoretical community as ' call upon past lessons, and %egin to form future networks$ 1y placement offers an opportunity to see community in action, where ' can !iew first#hand that not only children, %ut also parents need to %e supported in pro!iding the %est learning experiences for their young children$ ' will %e a%le to witness the interconnectedness of a community resource centre and learn ways of supporting all partners in this learning community$ 0lo)uently written/ 4atie, this is so well written ' didn(t ha!e too much to criti)ue/ This is an exciting endea!our and !ery meaningful considering your own experiences$ ' would %e !ery interested in reading a%out your curriculum plan as this is an area of interest to me as well$ All the %est, 1oyra 4atie, your proposal is well#articulated and succinct$ Aou offer much insight into what you propose to %e doing in the next 8 months$ Aour proposal is appro!ed$ 3anda