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AP Studio: 2-D Design: Sketchbook Assignments Winter 2013-14

Week SB1 Due TUESDAYS 12/3

PUSH: Explore the idea of pushing or being pushed. (could be a positive or negative experience) Use Journal format: Must have: 2 page spread, use text, image, layering, and mixed media. If you have stencils available try them. Explore Appropriation. Choose to recycle imagery commonly found in your daily life. Mix your appropriated image with your own images to create a new composition. (Images may create a paradox or resonate with each other.) Drop some paint on a page. While the paint is still wet, fold another page over the one with paint, let the paint make an impression. Open both pages. Look hard at the spots. What do they suggest? Think about positive/negative space and create an interesting composition incorporating the blobs. Be imaginative. This could be abstract art or realism or anything in between. Be intentional with how you draw over and add to the composition. Interaction of Text and Image: Create a composition where the text does not describe the image but instead uses juxtaposition. Choose one of the topics to explore: gender, identity, poverty, faith, or popularity. Draw with in a grid exercise. Must use Pen/Marker. See handout.* Be here Now. Page 56-57(JF365) See handout.* Artist Choice 1: You choose topic or theme but you must use the whole page. Modified contour. Choose an object. Draw it several times from several different angles. Use overlapping and size variation. Small, medium, large. DWELLINGS: The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a dwelling is the house you live in, but stop a minute and think about some other types of dwellings: birds live in a nest, chipmunks in a hollowed-out tree, and bees in a hive. What about the dreams that dwell in your heart or the inventions that dwell in your imagination. Allow the topic Dwellings to inspire this sketchbook. Use your space anyway you want But save at least one area for crayon resist and watercolor be intentional with your color choice. Artist Choice 2: You choose topic or theme but you must use the whole page. MESSAGES: Every day were bombarded with messages, from the advertisements on television and in newspapers and magazines to emails and texts from friends and family. Some are obvious, like the ones you see on the printed page, and others are subtler, such as a loved one reaching out a helping hand or a friend lending a sympathetic ear. Allow the topic messages to inspire your sketchbook. Be creative and illustrate a certain type of message. You must use a silhouette somewhere in this composition.



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Options for Artist Choice are unlimited. Choose something that interests you. For you to progress most as an artist you should try to draw from life/observation as much as possible. Try to avoid copying pictures. There is no tracing. If you do choose to draw from a photo please include the photo for reference and grading purposes.