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Beyond Neurosis

With prior note none, Misty rang in on odd occasion Subtle shy smile, silent except for a few detached jargons Hindered tongue, troubled words set stage for emotions Thinking was seized and busted, virtually seeking sympathy Garnered recent doings of existence with painful expressions She the righteous diva deserved dignity and celebrations But close ones catered rewards none, abused her decency Every fortune went against no one but her and her only Her eccentric expressions of oddly twisted, deep felt relations Overly defensive feelings prompted by intense imaginations Panic attack, gripping sadness swapped with tears and yell I saw free mind trapped inside terrified wreath of turmoil Her flashing moments of chummy affairs with no conclusion Keen craving for a new relation but self centered motivation Ill impressions left my meek mind buzzing and confused Shielded attitude assumed, carefree solo living safe and sound Troubled tender pretty face took adverse toll on patience Empathy seeking Misty desired boogie to her tangy tune Compassion held hands; passion crossed two neurotic minds My grey callous pattern blended with flaming red rose rinse Rational mind-set shook my selfish inner core of living fear Unfolding of the visit began yielding neutral flash backs The shadow of suspicion cautiously started moving farther Memory lingered; her radiance began to glow brighter
Raj Gaonkar, November 10, 2009