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Laura Bush Elementary

School Profile-By: Erica Fernandez

The mission of Laura Bush Elementary, is to empower students to become accomplished, self-directed, and collaborative citizen scholars who boldly contribute to an increasingly complex and evolving world by engaging in rigorous curriculum, relevant experiences, and positive relationships while embracing the uniqueness of each individual.

Mission Statement

Balanced Literacy Two-Way Dual Language Promethean Technology

Specials Programs

Language arts instruction in each classroom at Laura Welch Bush Elementary is being taught through the balanced literacy approach. A balanced literacy program is one in which students participate in a variety of whole-group, small-group, and individual activities related to a wide range of reading and writing experiences essential to the promotion of early literacy. The cornerstone of balanced literacy is guided reading, a focused reading group that is organized, structured, planned, and supported by the teacher. Through guided reading, the teacher works with a small group of children who use similar reading processes and are able to read similar levels of text. He or she supports each reader's development of effective strategies for processing text at increasingly challenging levels of difficulty. The ultimate goal is for students to learn to use independent reading strategies successfully.

Balanced Literacy

In addition to the ESL and transitional bilingual programs traditionally offered on other campuses, Laura Welch Bush Elementary also hosts a Two-Way Dual Language program, in which Spanish-speakers AND English-speakers will have the opportunity to learn 2 languages. Unlike other language programs whose aim is to have all students become proficient in English, the goal of the Two-Way Dual Language program is to produce students who are bilingual and bi-literate in both Spanish and English. Laura Welch Bush is one of only three elementary schools within Pasadena ISD offering this program. Enrollment is limited, and in order to participate, parents must apply and students must be accepted into the program.

Two-Way Dual Language

Every classroom is equipped with an interactive 78" electromagnetic whiteboard, supplied with ACTIVstudio and ACTIVprimary lesson preparation software. Teachers will also have access to an ACTIVote student response system that allows each student to give instant electronic feedback during instruction. Each classroom is equipped with three student laptops and two desk-top computers. Each grade level is also equipped with a Computer on Wheels, C.O.W. , containing a class set of laptops.

Promethean Technology

Ethnic Distribution
African Amercian Hispanic White Asian Pacific Islander Two or More Races

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96 94 92 90 88 86 84 2010 2011




Student Learning Data

500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0

Bilingual/ESL Gifted and Talented Special Education



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Ethnicity Distribution

African American Hispanic White Asian

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Teachers by years of Experience Beginning Teachers 1-5 Years Experience

Count 0 24

Percent 00.0% 42.1%

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Over 20 Years Experience

18 13

31.6% 22.8%

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Laura Bush Elementary

School Profile-By: Erica Fernandez