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Please look over the Key Areas & Skills Summary Sheet to review the areas that will be evaluated by supervisors during your observations and consider these areas when reflecting upon your performance. The purpose of this evaluation is to help you become more reflective in your practices and to help you learn how to critically evaluate your performance in order to identify areas of strength and areas that need to be further developed. !n addition this information will be e"tremely useful for supervision as your supervisor will be able to provide you with more specific support and guidance in the areas that you feel are in need of further development. #ach candidate is e"pected to complete this self$evaluation after every supervised observation %including the video&. Please keep ' copy to submit for your portfolio at the end of the semester and provide a copy to your supervisor. What do you think went a!ti"u#a!#y we## with the #e$$on%a"ti&ity' ! felt more confident in front of the students during this lesson. (sing techni)ues learned during my first post$ observation review such as waiting for students to stop speaking before ! continued speaking helped me feel more in control of the class and my lesson plan. The students seemed very receptive to the lesson and the material and appeared to be engaged which was reassuring and e"citing for me* Keeping my last post$ observation review in mind ! made a point to use fewer and less complicated words and think that ! did a good +ob using simpler and more concise sentences to get the message across so that less needed to be filtered out by the students. De$"!i(e ) o! * $ki##$ that we!e de+on$t!ated du!in, the #e$$on that you -ee# we!e a!ti"u#a! a!ea$ o$t!en,th -o! you. ,uring the lesson ! made a point to call on many different students even if they weren-t raising their hand. ! wanted the students to feel like what they have to say or contribute is important and valued. ! recogni.e how easy it is to fall into a routine of calling on the same students / possibly those who always have the right answers or possibly those who always need more support but ! think it is important to involve as many students as possible during a lesson or activity. This also allows you to gather informal data by determining what a student knows or what information they are retaining before during or after a lesson. ! felt like ! did a thorough and clear review of the previous lessons so that the students had a strong foundation of where we were before the lesson and where we were going. 0y reviewing and reminding them of all of the different ways to write like 1em 2o" before teaching the sound words ! think it helped to set up the lesson as the students knew the purpose and intention of the new information before we went too deep into the new material. What a!ea$ o! $ e"i-i" $ki##$ do you -ee# you $ti## need to de&e#o o! i+ !o&e u on -o! -utu!e #e$$on$' What $ki##$ that we!e de+on$t!ated du!in, the #e$$on do you -ee# a!e an a!ea o- di--i"u#ty -o! you/ and an a!ea that you wou#d #ike to "ontinue to wo!k on du!in, the $e+e$te!' 3lassroom management continues to be an area where ! feel ! need to gain more confidence and e"perience. ,uring my lesson one student called out continuously and although it was uncharacteristic of him ! reali.e that ! needed to have an action plan in mind so that his disruptive behavior did not affect the focus of the group as a whole. ! also would like to continue working on managing my time during independent work so that ! am able to spend a little )uality time with multiple students allowing me to have a broader understanding of whether or not the class retained the information ! taught in the mini lesson. !

need to become more familiar with doing )uick 4pit stops5 at students desks +ust for a brief check in without spending so much time that it takes away from time that could have been spent with another student. Although ! do feel like ! approved in terms of using simpler language with the students this is something that ! will continue to focus on throughout the semester so that it starts to become second nature to me*

P#ea$e de$"!i(e any othe! thou,ht$ o! "on"e!n$ a(out you! o($e!&ation: 6aving one teacher leave une"pectedly during the lesson left me in a position that ! had not planned to be in / where ! was the only teacher in the room %not counting the teacher who was videoing me&. This reminded me that as with life une"pected things happen in the classroom all of the time and as a teacher you must be prepared to handle them gracefully and )uickly move on to the best of your ability. Although ! was hesitant to reinvent the wheel when it came to transitioning during my lesson ! do recogni.e the momentary chaos that ensued during the transition from desks back to the rug to share out as a group. As discussed in my post$evaluation review a few minutes saved each day with more efficient and effective transitions saves hours throughout the year. 7hen ! do have my own classroom one day ! plan to set aside time throughout the school year to reflect on processes and routines to make sure that they contribute positively to our classroom culture.