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Can Eye Movement Therapy Heal Lifelong Trauma In Seconds?

by Paulon uly !"# !$"" in eye movement therapy Clic% Here &or 'urt (oldman)s &ree Si* Part +uantum umping Intro Course Hey Everyone # I came across this ama,ing energy tool from 'urt (oldman of +uantum umping that may allo- you to alleviate lifelong traumas that you have suffered -ith simple side to side eye movements in mere seconds. /ou can test eye movement therapy yourself by tuning your thought field -ith a traumatic even from your past and -hile thin%ing of the traumatic even move your eyes rapidly all the -ay to the right and all the -ay to the left. In the video above Burt Goldman suggests that you try thinking of a person that disturbs you as much as an 8 on a 1-10 pain scale. Continue to thin% of this disturbing person -hile you rapidly move your eyes bac% and forth ten times. Try doing three sets of this and as% yourself after each session ho- you feel to-ards the person you -ere thin%ing of . I tried this process -ith several family members -ho cause me a lot of stress -hen I thin% about them. My distress level appeared to fall from an 0 to a three in a matter of seconds. Please -atch 'urt in the video above and try this process to see if it -ill alleviate trauma and let me %no- -hat you thin% by commenting belo-. 'ut please if you have serious problems that are too hard to thin% of please consult a counselor or M.1. I did some research on this topic and found that there is a -hole field of psychology devoted to EM12 or Eye Movement 1esensiti,ation and 2eprocessing. EM12 has been successfully used to treat psychological disorders from depression# phobias# recurring nightmares# PTS1 # se*ual abuse and trauma. In the video above 'urt (oldman covers a basic process but if you -ant to get deep into the research and details of EM12 I recommend that you chec% out boo%s

by &rancine Shapiro # PH.1. If you have serious issues -ith Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom see% your M.1. or see% one of thousands of trained EM12 therapists in your area by (oogling the term certified EM12 therapist.