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Who Am I Poem

By Mrs. Church
I believe Tupac was assassinated by the U.S. government. If he was alive today, Shakespeare would be known as one of the greatest rappers alive. Eminem, Wayne, and Drake can get it. The hip hop generation has a lot more to offer the world than they know. If he went to see a psychiatrist, Batman would be diagnosed with PTSD. My only purpose in life is to serve humanity and leave this world slightly better than the way I found it. You can never know where youre going unless you know where you came from. I think Comic books are some of the most profound books around. Gangs are dumb. I love The smell of books and the way the pages feel. Old books have a particularly great smell. The written word is one of the most powerful things on earth. School, reading, the pursuit of new knowledge, the journey of meeting new people. Peace, revolution, freedom, liberation, education, knowledge. These are some of my favorite words. Funny how interrelated they are. Naruto and Bleach. Last Airbender, Avengers, and Korra are pretty cool too. I hate Disrespectful media that falsely represent me, women, people of color, or LGBT communities.

Fish. They look and smell funny. I feel Our diversity is the only thing that makes humanity worth saving, so lets celebrate our differences. As bad as I want to, if I ever gave into cosplay, Ill reach a new level of nerdom and there will be no turning back. I choose To teach because I can think of no greater way to repay my mentors or serve my community. I admire My president and first lady but do not condone murder oversees in the name of democracy. I stand On the shoulders of great giants and powerful ancestors. Im reaching below to give the next generation a boost up. I do not Take tattoos lightly. I have a few that mean a great deal to me and its an important part of my heritage. And will never use the B or N word and I cannot stand to hear them. My Xbox gamer tag is CorpRadar. PSN name is Mrs_Church as it is on Instagram. I kill on tetris and my Mii sort of looks like me. Left eye has the worst luck. I gotta wear glasses cause of a glitter glue accident, a run in with a lamp, a few pencils, and a stray flat iron. First love is the theatre. I am a techie, love the lights, sound, and sets. BFF is Mexican and I speak better Spanish than her. Mom was in prison for a while so the younger siblings were my responsibility. I get that. Hubby is a hardcore gamer and he makes them for a living.

Favorite movie genre is Horror but I still get scared during the boss battles in Mario and Zelda. Love of science fiction began with my GMama. She forced me to watch Star Trek almost every night. Shes a serious treky. Side gig is writer and researcher. Siblings and I are pretty close; 2 brothers, 3 god brothers, 3 brothers-in-laws, 1 sister-inlaw, 3 god sisters, but I usually just say 8 brothers and 4 sisters. This poem is kind of long but Im almost done. I bump My Pandora station; konshus hip hop, neo soul, nerd core, R&B, and Broadway show tunes. Fists with my hubby, just like our POTUS and FLOTUS. I watch Dr. Who, True Blood, Dexter, and Leverage. All on Hulu and Netflix. Dont even need cable anymore. What I eat. That chocolate cake looks good on my fork. I look Horrible in pleats and pink. I will rock some blue or green though. Those are my fave colors. At the sunset and think, this is corny but comforting. I grew up On sesame street, reading rainbow, batman, the amazing spider man, captain planet, and anamaniacs; boy meets world, TGIF, One Saturday morning, In living color, Cosbys, Different world, Fresh prince. TV just aint the same. On Tea time. My dad grew up in Britain so tea parties were really tea parties at my crib.

Between south central, Inglewood, and Compton so I guess that makes me a Laker fan. I like the Saints, Steelers, and Eagles too. I am A nerd and I wear it well. A geek to, but so what. Geeks the new cool. A weirdo. Sometimes when I eat rice too fast it comes out my nose. Super obsessed with science fiction and fantasy, anime and manga. Biracial and proud of itnow. I went through a really long identity crisis. It took a lot of growth and maturity to like who I am. Human. I make mistakes but Im always learning from them. Clumsy and trip over crap often. A wife, mentor, big sis, lil sis, sis-in-law, daughter, aunt, cousin, activist, leader, lifelong-learner, and educator. American, African American, Samoan, and Nigerian; linked to the continent and slave masters plantations. Rooted on the forests of Calaba, the perfect-for-lynching soils of the Deep South, and the coco palms of the poly isles. A crybaby so we can never watch The Notebook. Pretty liberal and progressive. Wouldnt call myself a democrat cause Im too radical for that. A feminist too. Slightly obsessed with my iPhone and may need to seek professional help. Addicted to coffee. Period. Probably the only black woman with no rhythm. At least I got soul. From a broken home so I understand. My classroom can be home if you ever need it to be. Horrible at Halo. I can never get my head and gun pointing in the same direction. I promise To be honest, respectful, and fair.

To make mistakes but learn from those. To take my job seriously. Its more than an occupation, its my calling. I am a Matador, Lion, future Cardinal, Former Monarch, and now a Boxer. Most Importantly, I am honored to be here with you.

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