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A preposition is a word that relates a noun or pronoun that appears with it to another word in the sentence. It shows relationships between separate things, including location, direction, cause, and possession. She passed the ball over the defense. He was underneath the basket. She dribbled into the lane. The foul occurred before the shot. Frequently used prepositions down off during on except onto for opposite from out in outside inside over into past like since near through of throughout Compound prepositions because of in place of by means of in regard to in addition to in spite of in back of instead of in front of in view of

about above across after against along amid among around at before according to ahead of apart from aside from as of

behind below beneath beside besides between beyond but by concerning despite

till to toward under underneath until up upon with within without next to on account of out of owing to prior to

A. Circle the prepositions in each sentence. . !oes the basketball season generally come before the football season" #. The standard length of a basketball court is $% feet, and the width is &' feet. (. A basket attached to a backboard hangs over each end of the court. %. Her free throw hit the backboard above the basket. &. Is the center considered the most important player on the team" ). A player can advance the ball only with dribbling or with passing. *. The forward dribbled the ball over the court and then passed it to a teammate. +. The coach gives instructions to the players during a game. $. An official may stand along the sideline. '. Scorekeepers and timekeepers sit at a table behind the sideline. B. On the back write 10 sentences, each havin at least one preposition.