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Model 45A

Model 45A
Model 45A
Image Type Placeoforigin Battle rifle
United States Philippines [1]

Production history
Designer Designed Melvin Johnson Roman Korsac 1945

Cartridge Caliber Barrels Action Feedsystem Sights .30-06 7.62mm 1 Gas 20 round detachable box magazine Optical

The Model 45A was a battle rifle / light machine gun developed by the United States Army in the Philippines in 1945. The weapon existed in prototype or mockup form, but never entered production. The rifle was sparsely documented until Tom Laemlein encountered a number of annotated photographs of the rifle in the archives of the United States Army Signal Corps. The Model 45A was used to local Filipino troops under the Philippine Army and Constabulary units during World War II and Post-War Era.

The rifle was constructed in bullpup configuration, utilising the magazine from the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. Rather than iron sights, it featured an integral scope. Its purpose is unclear, but it is alternately described as a "experimental .30 caliber LMG" or a "field expedient .30 cal."

Philippines: Philippine Commonwealth Army & Philippine Constabulary United States: United States Army Signal Corps

Tom Laemlein. The Incredible U.S. Model 45A. Small Arms Review, January 2010.

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