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6:30 CONCERT GUITAR ENSEMBLE The Christmas Waltz The Holly and the Ivy Every Rose Has

Its Thorn Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 6TH GRADE Deedle Dai Benedictus Brownsey/Lantz Kenny and Rogers Traditional/She and Him Traditional Poison Traditional/ Bruce Springsteen

Descant Singers: Alexis Trump, Madison Wolfe, Jenna Marmo, Tanner Schmitt, Tia Pegram, Natalie Perino, Kaia Lampkin SpongeBob: Gavin White

Dont Be a Jerk!

Kenny and Paley/Emerson

Please Come Home


Brown and Redd/Brymer

Soloists: Samantha Palmer, Mandi Reese, Hayli Bryer, Annagrace Radocaj

Festival Cantate Sing We All Noel

Johnson Schram

"Music is about communication, creativity, and cooperation, and, by studying music in school, students have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective." - Bill Clinton, former President, United States of America

8:00 CONCERT 8TH GRADE Saludo, Saludo Do You Hear What I Hear? What Christmas Means to Me HONORS CHORUS Happy Joyous Hanukkah Christmas Joy Christmas Songs- TBA
Soloists: TBA Soloists: TBA

Gray Regney and Shayne/Brymer Gordy, Gaye, and Story Guthrie and Sklamberg/Huff Roger Emerson

Rules of Concert Etiquette

1. Refrain from talking This is the first and greatest rule. Some whispering between songs is usually acceptable. 2. Turn off or mute all cell phones A ringing cell phone is very distracting. Texting and illuminating electronic devices is also annoying to those around you. 3. Do not wave or call out your childs name during the concert. They already know youre there; you most likely brought them to the concert. A big hug after the concert is much more appreciated than an embarrassing wave or yell. 4. Please avoid flash photography Not only are flashes disturbing, but its hard to see the conductor when the performers are seeing spots. 5. Avoid blocking other peoples views while recording a video. Holding up a tablet computer or camera is most likely blocking the persons view behind you. 6. Do not leave the auditorium during the music Wait for a break in the concert to visit the restroom, unless you are carrying a screaming child, in which case you should leave as quickly as possible. 7. Make sure its the end of the song before you applaud. Sometimes there are several sections or a slight break in the music. Please wait before clapping. How can you be sure its over? The conductor will turn towards the audience. 8. Do not leave as soon as your childs portion of the concert is over All of the students deserve a full audience for their performances. Please try to stay until the end to be considerate of the other children and their parents.

6TH GRADE CHORUS Ackerman, Anastasia E. Armstrong, Payton Baer, Kaytlyn S. Benz, Joseph R. Bernard, Logan R. Bomer, Robbie A. Jr. Boord, Jacob C. (J.B.) Brasili, Reno Bryer, Chas C. Byerly, Halie M. Cason, J. Blake Casorio, Mason Casorio, Matthew F. Cole, Lindsey G. Coletta, Emma A. Cox, Carson P. Cribbs, James J. Cross, Ryan S. Domingos, Carly A. Doty, Phoenyx J. Duke, Amber M. Dzurko, Grace N. Ferris, Alex F. Fowler, Malaki W. Gaffney, Mikey P. Graham, Evan R. Griffin, Makenzie Harbaugh, Faith N. Harden, Victoria Harrold, Scott P Hayden, Ethan M. Heminger, Derick M. Hermann, Dani Hill, Jordan M. Hill, Joseph A. Hill, Victoria Hoyer, Abigale L. Iarussi, Chelsi L. Impink, Christopher R. Jablonsky, Tara L. Jaffre, Owen M. Jones, Hayley R. Kebe, Jonathan R. Klimchock, Emily R. Kostley, Garrett Kowalski, Emma A. Kuhns, Will J. Lampkin, Kaia K. Leonard, Rachel Loughran, Meredith C. Luderer, Lexi V. Mannarino, Tatum R. Marmo, Jenna A. Martino, Joshua M. Matenkosky, Megan McLeod, Maggie Miletics, Mitchell J. Moore, Ashley R. Moran, Madison Q. Moran, Morgan C. Muir, Lindsey J. Nelson, Randy T. Paronish, Salena M. Pegram, Tia J. Pelerose, Abby A. Perino, Natalie R. Radziwon, Alli G. Remaley, Blake J. Roland, Laura Romac, John C. Ross, Nick A. Ross, Skyler M. Sano, Madison Sarsfield, Mitch J. Savko, Brianna R. Schmitt, Tanner A. Simmen, Ansley Smail, Natalie R. Speal, Otto M. Sullenberger, Lexi D. Swihart, Erin Trump, Alexis K. Tyler-Sales, Dominique Vanek, Zachary F. Varhola, Janelle J. Vucina, Hannah E. Webb, Brielle K. White, Gavin T. Wiederstein, Tyler J. Wiltrout, Ashley M. Wise, Bridget M.

"The musician is constantly adjusting decisions on tempo, tone, style, rhythm, phrasing, and feeling--training the brain to become incredibly good at organizing and conducting numerous activities at once. Dedicated practice of this orchestration can have a great payoff for lifelong attention skills, intelligence, and an ability for self-knowledge and expression." Ratey John J., MD. A User's Guide to the Brain. New York: Pantheon Books, 2001.

7TH GRADE CHORUS Allison, Jacob D. Bailey, Cole S. Barnett, Trinity K. Bartus, Matthew R. Beasley, Madelyn N. Bellush, Jacob A. Branthoover, Austin S. Bryer, Hayli J. Burtner, Hannah Caesar, Nicholas J. Ciaramella, Corin Cook, Carlos Dzendzel, Tyler D. Ewing, Sarah M. Fait, Cameron W. Feltenberger, Victoria Gergely, Cali Gillis, Billy L. Golde, Mollie C. Graham, Noah R. Gralluzzo, Brian Greene, David H. Harbaugh, Tara L. Harrison, Aidan M. Hudson, Luke A. Jablonsky, Melanie L. Kendi, Angelina Kerr, Autumn R. King, Katie Klaum, Tiernan F. Klein, Alexia S. Kowalski, Danielle E. Kula, Christopher Lam, Nguyen Lampkin, Dante E. Leeches, Andrew Lemasters, Emma G. Lickenfelt, Brooke Lippa, Nick Lishego, James K. Makarsky, Kasey R. Marcoz, Ashley M. Marks, Rachael McCartney, Makayla M. Missenda, Alexus Murtha, Rachel L.

Orie, Mackenna L. Palmer, Samantha L. Peters, Alexandria J. Pryor, Arianna Radocaj, Annagrace Raviart, Madison D. Reese, Alexis R. Reese, Mandi E. Rhoads, Carter J. Ryan, Marcus D. Savage, Brianna Schaer, Ryan M. Shasko, Carleen J. Short, Cambrie J. Smeltzer, Joseph R. Sternick, Luke P. Suszek, Rachel L. Trentin, Rebecca M. Updyke, Charidan B. Urban, Jenna M. Vickers, Halle A. Wilson, Austin T. Royer, Heather Wright, Jadah

We wish a Happy Holidays to all Harrold students and their families!

8TH GRADE CHORUS Alfery, Eric M. Anderson, Jacob S. Ashbaugh, Garrett T. Aumiller, Evelyn L. Ball, Cole E. Bargerstock, Briena C. Barnhart, Brock W. Barrientos-Collins, Kayla A. Bayle, Tessa M. Benz, Kirsten M. Boddicker, Alyssa K. Bosak, Linsey M. Carasella, Anthony J. Carroll, Nicole M. Cohen, Aleah M. Crusan, Joshua C. Dembiczak, Jason T. Dillon, Ryan T. Eye, Brenden A. Ferree, Nolen Gasper, Vanessa T. Giebien, Laura P. Granatire, Traynor C. Gunther, Dylan J. Hays, Delaney Herrle, Jillian Hettler, Aidan L. Hill, Alexis M. Hixson-Steele, Rheanna Honse, Jenna Junker, Natalie J. Kerlin, Alexis D. Krise, Alex C. Krug, Gretchan M. Kummer, Jacob Lander, Tristan B. Lawrence, Connor B. Livingston, Helen A. Loughran, Margaret L. Luckiewicz, Sloane E. Maloney, Jack H. Marmo, Brandon K. Matenkosky, Daniel Mincin, Kaitlyn Musgrove, Chantel Nelson, Brooke S. Nicola, Christine Pegram, Jade M. Quatse, Sara M. Queen, Alexander R. Ream, Jaclyn R. Ringler, Andrew Roberts, Ashley M. Romac, Rachel N. Rose, Emily F. Sager, Sierra G. Shuey, Amber L. Skuhrovec, Marlena E. Smith, Dominique Tatarek, Julia N. Tobin, Kelsey M. Walters, Connor J. Whatule, Mackenzie Wonderling, Keirstin Yacoboni, Bruno Young, Peyton A.

A grounding in the arts will help our children to see; to bring a uniquely human perspective to science and technology. In short, it will help them as they grow smarter to also grow wiser.Robert E. Allen Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T

HONORS CHORUS Ashbaugh, Garrett Barnett, Trinity Beasley, Madelyn Bellush, Jacob Benz, Joey Benz, Kirsten Bernard, Logan Bomer, Robby Branthoover, Austin Burtner, Hannah Ciaramella, Corin Cohen, Aleah Dzurko, Grace Fait, Cameron Feltenberger, Victoria Gasper, Vanessa Golde, Mollie Graham, Noah Greene, Dave Griffin, Makenzie Harden, Victoria Hettler, Aidan Hill, Alexis GUITAR CLUB Trevin Anderson Austin Branthoover Nick Clary Emma Coletta Asia Faust Matt Giron Dylan Gunther Zach Jamnik Christian Kemerer Jack Maloney Tabor McLeod Sami Palmer Carleen Shasko Noah Straight Hill, Joe Hill, Victoria Hoyer, Abi Hudson, Luke Junker, Natalie Klimchock, Emily Kummer, Jacob Lampkin, Dante Lampkin, Kaia Lander, Tristan Lickenfelt, Brooke Livingston, Hanna Loughran, Margaret Maloney, Jack Martino, Josh McLeod, Maggie Mincin, Kaitlyn Nelson, Brooke Nelson, Randy Nicola, Christine Orie, Mackenna Palmer, Sami Paronish, Salena Perino, Natalie Peters, Alex Radocaj, Annagrace Raviart, Madison Ream, Jaclyn Reese, Mandi Rhoads, Carter Ringler, Andy Roberts, Ashley Roland, Laura Ryan, Marcus Sager, Sierra Sano, Madison Schaer, Ryan Schmitt, Tanner Shasko, Carleen Suszek, Rachel Trentin, Rebecca Trump, Alexis Vickers, Halle Vucina, Hannah Whatule, MacKenzie Wright, Jadah

The life of the arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction, in the life of the nation, is close to the center of a nations purpose and is a test to the quality of a nations civilization. John F. Kennedy

Special Thanks
Parents of all the students HASD School Board and Administration Harrold Middle School Faculty and Staff Mr. Lochner Mrs. Elinor Kurtiak Mrs. Autumn Lauritzen Harrold Stage Technicians Harrold Custodial Staff David Preston programs Katrina Klunk- Student Teacher Hempfield Area School District Superintendent Mr. Andrew Leopold Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mark Gross Assistant Superintendent Dr. Barbara Marin Human Resources George DeCarlo Chief Business Administrator Jude Abraham School Board Sonya L. Brajdic, President Diane S. Ciabattoni, Vice-President Michele V. Fischer Michael J. Kusma Douglas W. Lawson Joseph M. Lutz Robert A. McDonald Dr. Jeanne S. Smith Randy L. Stoner Board Secretary Pamela A. Naggy Solicitor Dennis J. Slyman
Rehabilitation Act. Section 504 and Title IX The Hempfield Area School District, an equal opportunity employer, will not discriminate in employment, educational programs, or activities, based on sex, handicap, or because a person is a disabled veteran, or a veteran of the Vietnam era. This policy of non - discrimination extends to all other legally protected classifications. Publication of this policy in this document is in accordance with state and federal laws including Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972. Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1990. Inquiries should be directed to the Supervisor of Pupil Services.