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English 10 British Literature Ms.

Brandli Fall 2013

Writing Project: The Canterbury Tales Due date (rough draft): Due date (nal copy):

Story Competition
Directions: After reading three sections from Geoffrey Chaucers The Canterbury Tales, now it is your turn to compose a paper about a character that you create. This assignment asks students to apply knowledge about narrative writing by including examples of characterization, irony, and dialogue to create a piece of writing that successfully includes two criteria: good morality and general pleasure (please refer to page 142 in The Canterbury Tales). Each paper will be automatically entered into an English 10 British Literature story competition between all five sections of English 10 at Carmen High School of Science and Technology. The competition is organized in the following way: (1) The top paper in each period will be selected; (2) Among the five top papers from each class, a first, second, third, fourth and fifth place winner will be selected. The winners will be announced at a Monday assembly. Also, just as in The Canterbury Tales, the winner will feast on a meal of his/her choosing. Last years winners attended a feast at The Pizza Shuttle on Milwaukees East Side. Papers will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Paper centers on a character that the writer created. Paper includes a thorough description of the character by means of two examples of direct characterization and two examples of indirect characterization (Remember: STEAL). Paper includes two examples of irony (situational, verbal, and/or dramatic). Paper uses proper grammar (i.e. spelling, verb tense, capitalization, sentence structure). Paper includes strong transitions that direct the flow and order of each paragraph. Paper is written in proper MLA format with a heading including the authors name, teachers name, class name, and date, a title and a header with students last name and the page number. Paper is 2-3 typed pages, double-spaced in Ariel or Times New Roman font. The paper is worth 125 points total: 25 points for the rough draft (extra credit if typed) and 100 points for the final paper. To receive a grade on the final paper, the rough draft must be submitted with the final draft. o The final draft will count as a summative assessment. o Steps along the writing process prewriting, outlining, rough draft - will count as formative assessments.