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Yolande D Sumbele (Final Personal Statement- 11/11/2013 )

My interest in Psychology began when I first got exposed to it as a GCSE subject. I found it to be both enlightening and practical as it explained not only how the human mind wor s in relation to why people beha!e in particular ways" but also how our en!ironment can influence the people we become and the biological reasons explaining different beha!iours. Studying Psychology at #S and # le!els has further broadened my understanding and enabled me to apply this in$depth nowledge to !arious scenarios. %or example" studying psychopathology and attachment has helped me to become more aware of different social norms and cultural !ariations. &earning research methods has enabled me to apply my nowledge to theories and establish their strengths and limitations' I realise these are integral parts of the Psychology course and would lo!e to de!elop them further. In addition to Psychology" I am also studying (iology and &aw. )hese subjects ha!e all contributed to the de!elopment of my analytical and critical ability which I belie!e would be particularly rele!ant for the research element of a Psychology degree. Such s ills would facilitate my ability to e!aluate research findings and theories. I ha!e also gained transferable s ills such as being able to consider a range of perspecti!es by weighing up the strengths and wea nesses of different ideas. Studying )heology at #S le!el enabled me de!elop empathy and the ability to understand people and ta e into consideration others* !iews. It also helped me impro!e on my presentation s ills. #long$side my academic studies" I ha!e been in!ol!ed in se!eral extra$curricular acti!ities. +uring the holidays I wor as a !olunteer Clinical )rials #dministrator at Manchester Christie hospital" where I ha!e gained a range of administrati!e s ills. I communicate with a wide range of staff members and maintain confidentiality of patient records by following the )rust procedures and policies. I ha!e also been able to demonstrate excellent time management and organisational s ills" team wor and the ability to wor on my own initiati!e which are also rele!ant to my chosen course. ,or ing at the Christie hospital has therefore gi!en me !aluable experience of what it would be li e to wor in a clinical en!ironment. I ha!e also registered as a !olunteer with an autistic society to support indi!iduals and families affected by autism" which I hope will pro!ide me with some experience on how to relate to and help people with special needs. (efore Sixth form College" I was elected as a member of the prom committee. )his responsibility enabled me to exercise leadership s ills through which my confidence was greatly enhanced. #t present" I spend some Saturdays with a gospel band which has pro!ided me with opportunities to further de!elop my leadership s ills through supporting and mentoring younger members of the team. I also perform and compose my own songs and ha!e performed as a solo artist at !arious places such as the Manchester Carni!al" Manchester #cademy" and recently I and two of my peers wor ed on a project in preparation for a li!e inter!iew on ((C -adio Manchester .. I enjoy playing netball and was a dance leader at school. +uring summer holidays" I am in!ol!ed with loo ing after children in a holiday club which I find to be !ery fulfilling. I regularly go to the gym and find that doing such acti!ities enable me to create a balance which helps me in my approach to life. I consider myself to be hardwor ing" dedicated and passionate in e!erything I do. I enjoy wor ing with people and aspire to wor in the future within a team with an interest in meeting people/s needs. I would lo!e to pursue Psychology at undergraduate le!el and hopefully progress onto doctorate le!el as these would pro!ide me with the rele!ant s ills and nowledge necessary to fulfil my career objecti!es as a Clinical Psychologist and ultimately be able to contribute a positi!e impact on peoples/ li!es.