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Behind the Monitor(?

An eSports Documentary Producer(s): Rian Shafi & Lewis Farley Distribution: !o"#"$e% &imeo and other So'ial Media o"tlets Estimated Length: 15 30mins Completion Date: TBD

Target Audience: (eo)le of all a*es that are interested in eS)orts or '"rio"s as to what it+s a't"ally li,e from a )layers )ers)e'ti-e% a *reat way for yo"n*er )layers to introd"'e their )arents to their ho$$y Film Description: Behind the Monitor% an eS)orts do'"mentary whi'h will *i-e )eo)le a loo, into the life of the a-era*e eS)orts enth"siast from their s'hed"le to their )arents tho"*hts Film Goal: #o ed"'ate )eo)le on the life of the a-era*e eS)orts )layer% to hel) shr"* off the stereoty)es many )eo)le o"tside of eS)orts may ha-e of a )layer as well as showin* )eo)le how m"'h dedi'ation it ta,es to $e'ome a to) )layer Locations: .-ents aro"nd the /0 and the homes of /0 *amers Specific locations TBD. Speci ic areas to co!er (based on eedbac"): #rainin* s'hed"le% how m"'h )eo)le ma,e% so"r'es of in'ome% what they do o"tside of eS)orts% what their )arents thin,% o))ort"nity1s they+-e had from *amin*% s)onsorshi)s% )layer history% e-ent atmos)here TBC

E#penses: TBD