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Speech Community Essay By: Alex Stevens I started in this community much younger than most, and from

it and its language usage, I learned not only how to tal !etter !ut also words and terminologies I may not have used otherwise" #ver time, I !egan to learn and respond to the community and I grew !ecause of it" $rom this, I learned interactions and pro!lem solving I still use today" %his is why this research was vital to my self learning and growth and through it I gleaned even more nowledge a!out my Community as a whole" %his community is nown as the &aming Speech Community" I was initially interested at the !eginning of my research with whether age differences affect ones responses, whether they may seem more intellectual and would seem older or if due to a limited voca!ulary they may !e seen as 'younger( more immature players" I was also intrigued a!out if people using the terminologies they may in the game would use them outside of it in a real world setting as well, and if so what those terms turned out to !e" After my research, I came close to the answers on these )uestions, !ut I also learned of more )uestions to further investigate in the future" *e !egan !y !logging a!out our experiences in response to articles we read in our text!oo , this spurred me to formulate my original hypothesis that one may use higher speech eti)uette over a medium that isnt face to face and appear older than they are" I then wrote in my day!oo writing +ournal on how to emphasi,e this similarity" *e then moved to our -eader.s &uides and from this I learned via my research through other we!sites that eti)uette truly is a main form to written communication" $or instance, in one of my found articles it descri!ed how a person who had !een playing a game for years descri!ed things in terminologies from their respective times to fit in with that peer group despite their real life age differences" *hat is uni)ue to this game, however, is how these .generations of play. are not only of various ages, !ut they often mix and mingle in current play" I currently raid with people of all age ranges, and a variety of game experiences, from people who remem!er the Suppression -oom with a shudder to people who started in early Cata / all experiencing the current content, yet !ringing our own weird !iases and preconceptions and experiences of the game to !ear" Some

people learned to raid in *rath, others after, others !efore"( 0-ossi, 12 I then had to try and replicate this voca!ulary and medium differentiation in person which was much more difficult to do at the time, !ut I was a!le to glean information on something fascinating that I would li e to in)uire into further at a later time" #nce filming in the $irst 3erson Shooter game Battlefield 4 for my 5ideo Context -eport, I learned that words are shortened are changed ad infinitum in the &aming community to dictate an easier usage under 'duress"( %he duress they would !e under would involve dying in the video game or getting into a com!at type of situation" By shortening the words used, it allotted for a faster reaction time and an overall increase in performance" %his further allowed for a !etter showing of their s ills in that universe which allowed for a !etter view of their performance which allowed for a !etter place in the social context of that universe as a whole" After this, I went !ac and tried to figure out the last part of my hypothesis that of which was which of these terminologies, if any, would !e used outside of the &aming context and done in a face to face atmosphere" I learned that there are many types of this language in every day usage, though not so much in a face to face representation due to the social stigma placed against it" $or instance, when texting on a cell phone one may type lol to imply laughing when one cannot facially do so through direct interaction, however, should one say lol instead of actually laughing in person it ma es one seem prudish and una!le to fit in with the rest of that peer group" %hose words that were used in regular speech and were ept the same were really only used !y military personal or in special scenarios" %hese words included 'nade, fla , artificial intelligence, etc"( 0B6%, 12 After compiling all my research and analy,ing it, I learned of a great context to this community which not only ties it all together, !ut calls to )uestion the stereotype often portrayed to &amers as a whole" I had wondered if the &aming community was as divergent as other communities or if they were indeed reclusives who chose not to interact with others and only tal ed this way with their community in that gaming realm" As I found out, 0and what I had expected2 was that &aming is actually intricately connected to other communities !y having the power of worldwide connectivity at its fingertips, however, I also learned that a &aming Community can also !ecome more inclusive as a result as well" Examining the entire chain goes something to this effect" #ne

has real world communities consisting of $riends, $amily, 7o!!ies, etc" #ne of which is &aming" $rom this &aming Community it narrows into the same su!fields only on a virtual sense" It has also !een proven to extend to the internal Community as well with its own affiliations8 +ust as in the real world one may choose a certain religion or political view" As one can see, I learned a great deal a!out the &aming Speech Community via my research on the topic" *hen I !egan &aming so many years ago my sentences loo ed !affling and childli e, not +ust from my literal age !ut also my general lac of nowledge in the terminologies at large" 9ow, I can ta e people aside and tal a!out ancient things 0at least to us2 and explain the differences !etween a '7eal #ver %ime( and a 'Single Cast( spell" %hat should show one the level of growth this speech community really has to offer" %hese people arent +ust 'living in their mothers !asements,( they are people with their own voca!ulary and contexts and they are +ust li e you and me"

Bi!liography B6%, :inimy, '7ow %o Spea &amer( h2g2. 7;g;" *e!" 9ovem!er 1<th, ;<14" -ossi ,:atthew" '*orld of *arcrafts 3eculiar %ime =ilation( Wowinsider. A#6 Inc, #cto!er ;nd ;<14" *e!" 9ovem!er 1<th, ;<14