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Ladies & Gentleman, in 1957, the world's first artificial satellite was successfully sent to orbit the earth and it went smoothly for 98 minutes non-stop !ou mi"ht be wonderin" here today why # am tal$in" about the satellite %he whole history of the first satellite tells us a story of a "roup of scientists who has dili"ently made their dreams come true &ust ima"ine, if they had ne'er dreamt of such a contraption de'ice, i e the satellite, we would ne'er be ushered to all the new scientific de'elopments that we e(perience today ) 'ery Good mornin"*afternoon to+ ,onorable -ud"es )wesome time-$eepers, .y belo'ed peers Ladies & "entlemen

#/m standin" here today to tal$ about a 'ery interestin" topic, chasin" our dreams %oday, # will tell you how each and e'ery person who is in this hall can pursue with the dream of your life 0irst and foremost, someone who wants to chase his or her dreams should be passionate about their dreams 1ndyin" passion and burnin" desire are the dri'in" forces that lead to success, without them, your dream, i e your ambition cannot be accomplished %hey ener"i2e your thou"hts, in the same way that the electric current ener"i2es and operates machines and appliances .oreo'er, if you focus the ener"y of ambition and desire into your dream, you will ma$e your "oal possible and within reach Loo$ at people who ha'e achie'ed success %hey did not attain their success -ust by thin$in" about it in a lu$ewarm manner they were mo'ed by passion and desire Ladies and "entlemen, %he most successful people in our world would a"ree with me that the fulfillment of your dreams lies within you and you alone %hou"h their roads were bumpy from time to time, these are the factors that usher them forward, until they achie'ed the success they pursued )s an e(ample, # belie'e most of us still remember these two passionate brothers who chased their dreams and achie'ed them, the 3ri"ht brothers #f it was not of their ludicrous dreams to fly a plane, none of us would today be able to sit in 4oein" 777 #t is their passion that has materialised their dreams

.oreo'er, people who chase their dreams should also be those who dare to fail as failure is the mother of success 3hen you dare to dream, dare to follow that dream, dare to suffer throu"h the pain, sacrifice, self-doubts, and friction from the world, then you are successful %here can ne'er be a "reater teacher than failure for those who want to pursue their dreams ) famous )merican philosopher, Elbert Hubbard once said that 5) little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn into "lorious success 5 .esdames et messieurs, %his means self-esteem must be earned to face the challen"es, to face the failures and to face the trash-tal$s from others to "enuinely impress yourself and e'entually achie'e your dreams %he ri"ht fi"ure whom # can 6uote here is 7olonel 8anders .any of us en-oy the fin"er lic$in" "ood meals of 9entuc$y 0ried 7hic$en today, but do you $now that, the man behind this worldwide franchise had encountered multiple failures before ma$in" his dream accomplished #n his effort to ma$e 907 popular, he was re-ected on many occasions and lau"hed at about his funny loo$in" attire ,owsoe'er, 8anders perse'ered, and after a little o'er 1,::: 'isits, he finally launched the first 59entuc$y 0ried 7hic$en5 site in 195; ,e was the e(emplary of a fi"ure who had turned failures into success as he dared to fail and face them with a "reat deal of perse'erance #n addition, bein" an optimistic person can shape up your attitude to chase your dreams <on/t let "o of your dreams #f you ha'e determination and belief in your dreams, you will succeed in spite of your desire to let "o 8ometimes, people around you may push their 'alues down your throat and ma$e you feel the twin"e of discoura"ement =ow, here is the 'ery point where you must say to yourself that the only thin" that will stop you from fulfillin" your dreams is you %herefore, you should culti'ate optimism in order to turn impossible to #/m possible )ll dreams can come true> if we ha'e the coura"e to pursue them &ust loo$ at 8tephen ,aw$in", how he has pro'ed to the world that bein" optimistic can e'en defeat the fate 0rom a physically challen"ed person, he has obtained a "reat wisdom of $nowled"e ,e has shown us that optimism can help him or anybody li$e him to chase their dreams #n a nutshell, when our scientists can send a de'ice in a si2e of a bas$etball to orbit the ?arth and they can materiali2e their dreams, # belie'e that, e'eryone here can brin" your dreams to li'e )ll that you need is a dab of passion, dare to fail and nurturin" optimism in you %hese three secret recipes will not only ensure you in chasin" your dreams but also ma$e them come true for a man/s dreams are an inde( to his "reatness %oday, # stand here in front of you, reali2in" one of my dreams to con6uer this battlefield, and yes, # made it 0or all of you here, always bear in mind that @3hen you cease to dream, you cease to li'e/ %hus, ladies & "entlemen, ne'er be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality #f you can dream it, you can ma$e it so %han$ you dream chasers