Sunday, July 6, 2008

ARTISTRY™ Skin Care & Cosmetics

ARTISTRY™ is one of the world's Top Five largestselling prestige brands of facial skin care and colour cos etics! It was independentl" classified b" #uro onitor as a prestige brand based on high-$ualit" for ulas% elegant packaging% and technologicall" advanced product innovation! Also included in the Top Five are &anc' e% #st(e &auder% )lini$ue and )hanel!

ARTISTRY™ is the onl" direct-selling brand classified in the prestige brand categor" and it generates about *+ billion in annual retail sales worldwide! The" oversee the develop ent of products fro start to finish as the" are the ones who develop the product for ulations% anufacture and package the % thereb" ensuring $ualit"! ,hat I like about the is that all their products are der atologicall" and allerg" tested! The" have a high tech approach used in testing for skin irritation and product perfor ance wherein the" reall" easure inute changes in skin te perature! The ARTISTRY™ brand has several lines which include-

Artistry ssentials% a co prehensive product line for all skin t"pes providing opti al skin health with a.i u ease of use! This is for the practical side of a wo an whose beaut" routine is $uick and efficient! I belong to this categor" of wo en because I reall" prefer low aintenance% fuss-free routines! I've seen Artistr" #ssentials ads in /prah 0aga1ines!

perience the benefits of re2uvinated skin% one that acts up to +3 "ears "ounger! It re-energi1es skin .Artistry Time !e"iance% which renews skin and restores it to ageless beaut"! Their products preserve and restore the appearance of "outhful skin and prevent the visible signs of aging! This is for the wo an deter ined to sei1e control of ever" aspect of her being! Artistry #ure $%ite% which provides holistic solutions for skin whitening and brightening! Their products work to prevent% treat and protect against discolouration! This is for those who want fairer skin% like so e Filipinos who are conscious of their skin tone% with us being a race of darker skin! Artistry Colour% which are cos etics that e brace and enhance "our own natural beaut"! Artistry Creme &'(% wherein "ou can e.

pects and de ands the absolute best! Sandra 4ullock is the A-list celebrit" endorser of Artist )re e &u5ur"! .for opti u perfor ance and a revitali1ed appearance! This is for the wo an who e.

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