Soal Termodinamika 1. Consider a U-tube whose arms are open to the atmosphere.

Now equal volumes of water and light oil (ρ = 4 .! lbm"ft!# are poured from different arms. $ person blows from the oil side of the U-tube until the %onta%t surfa%e of the two fluids moves to the bottom of the U-tube& and thus the liquid levels in the two arms are the same. 'f the fluid height in ea%h arm is !( in& determine the gage pressure the person e)erts on the oil b* blowing.

2. +alloons are often filled with helium gas be%ause it weighs onl* about one-seventh of

what air weighs under identi%al %onditions. ,he buo*an%* for%e& whi%h %an be e)pressed as & will push the balloon upward. 'f the balloon has a diameter of 1( m and %arries two people& -( .g ea%h& determine the a%%eleration of the balloon when it is first released. $ssume the densit* of air is 1.1/ .g"m!& and negle%t the weight of the ropes and the %age.

3. The gage pressure of an automobile tire is measures to be 200 kPa before a trip and 220 kPa after the trip at a location where the atmospheric pressure is 90 kPa. Assuming the volume of the tire remains constant at 0.035 m3 determine the percent increase in the absolute temperature of the air in the tire. !. "ombustion in a diesel engine ma# be modeled as a constant$pressure heat addition process with air in the c#linder before and after combustion. "onsider a diesel engine with c#linder conditions of 950 %

uired. .uid water at 300 kPa and 20/" is heated in a chamber b# mi0ing it with superheated steam at 300 kPa and 300/". "old water enters the chamber at a rate of '. The engine operates with an air(fuel ratio of 22 kg air)kg fuel *the mass of the air divided b# the mass of the fuel+.1 kg)s.etermine the temperature after the combustion process. -i.and &5 cm3 before combustion and '50 cm3 after it. 5. . 2f the mi0ture leaves the mi0ing chamber at 30/" determine the mass flow rate of the superheated steam re.

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