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Error: Posting only possible in periods 2014/01 and 2013/12 in company code 1000

its not a problem if you are working on IDES. Enter T code SE16N. Enter table name M !". #ress enter. Enter your company code in t$e re%uired field. #ress enter. Enter &S #'EDIT in t$e place w$ere you entered t$e T code. #ress enter. Now it is in edit mode. E(ecute )click on *lock icon+. new screen appears.

Enter T$e *urrent ,ear- *urrent Mont$- ,ear of t$e pre.ious Mont$- #re.ious mont$- /ast year- /ast mont$ of t$e calendar year. s asked in t$e screen. #ress enter. Sa.e and come outside. #lease do remember all t$e time period s$ould be as per your system calendar. lso do remember t$is is only workable w$en you are using IDES for education purpose only. 0ecause skipping so many periods in between can cause problems w$en you are on real time scenario. 1sing MM#" is t$e standard procedure w$ere you close t$e periods one by one.

Error: Period 11 2013 not open for account type S and g/l 89301
T$is Error is appear at #2I in SD or any accounting document generated. 1. 3pen and *lose #osting #eriods T.*ode 4530678

Select ,our "ariant and c$ange To ,ear of 799: to ,our *urrent ,ear

;ere *urrent year is 7919 w$ic$ is c$anged from 799:.