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Dance Reflection Criterion A Marisa Arndt In this unit the question was: what are the different aspects

of creating a video clip. In our first class our whole class discussed how you should count measures, and why we count in 8ths and 4ths, we learned that it was the easiest to do, because that is how the most common music is written. We learned how to divide our song up into parts, and count the beats to it. We had to think together, be communicators, and be open-minded to everyone’s individual dance moves. Our whole class knew, that as a final product we would have to make a dance video clip. To get an idea of what our video clip should be like, we watched the “World Order in New York”, and the music video “What did the Fox Say”. To this we made notes, on how the theme worked to the song, and how the music video influenced the attention of the viewers. We concentrated on their physical appearance, their surrounding, and the dance moves. For “What did the Fox Say” our group noticed that the costumes were matching to the song lyrics, and that they made a different dance, or a different version of movements to represent each sound which the fox makes. This was also made in the setting of a forest. The dance moves, were very unique, and exaggerated. For the “World Order in New York”, the dancers wore th e same things, they all wore suits. Their setting always changed, and the all moved the same and in slow motion. Everything was very detailed and together, which made the dance moves even have a bigger effect on the audience. The men moved together as if it were one person dancing. For my group performance most of my classmates liked the dance moves that we incorporated, they also liked the theme, and how we put the theme into the dance moves. They liked the transitions we did, to go from somewhere, so that it wasn’t just walking to another position. A lot of them had questions about the choice of positioning, the song choice, and why we filmed it at the playground. When we stood in a line we wanted the taller people in the middle, so that it would go diagonally down. I didn’t realize that the shorter people should have walked to the front at the beginning instead of the tallest. We were meant to stand in a V shape, but the camera didn’t seem to show us if we stood farther out. We decide on the song “Call M e Maybe”, because it was a lively song, and we could exaggerate on the the dance moves. Most of my classmates wished to have the positioning, set-up differently, because you couldn’t see Lemi, and Constantin that well. They also suggested that we could have filmed from different angles to make Constantin and Lemi more visible, some also suggested that we could have put more effort in our dance moves. The unit question was: what are the different aspects of creating a video clip. From the other videos we saw, we managed to take the theme of the song and put matching movements to it, I think that this worked really well. Something else was, to make the video clip interesting, this we saw with “What did the Fox Say”, it was filmed from different angles and th ey had interesting lights, we could have filmed our dance from different angles in order to make it more interesting, that is what I would do next time. To answer the unit question, I would say that the different aspects of creating a video clip are, the theme, and the connection to the song, the movements, the setting, the way of filming it to get the audience engaged, and interested. This we saw by both of the music videos we watched in class. I learned that the video clip helps the audience understand the song. What I would do differently next time would be the positioning, and in order to make the video clip seem more interesting, I would also film the dance in a different surrounding, and from different angles.