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Interval Song Examples

Interval Minor 2nd Major 2nd Minor 3rd Major 3rd 'er(e)t *th ritone 'er(e)t .th Minor /th Major /th Minor 4th Major 4th O)tave Jaws EastEnders Smoke On he !ater klj Sim,sons Star Wars 0n My %i(e (Beatles) My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean 1othin$ &om,ares (Sinead) Take on Me (A- a! So"e#here over the $ain%o# Ascending Descending Für Elise (Beethoven) Yesterday (Beatles) "ey J#de Swin$ %ow Sweet &hariot Oh+ )ome all ye (aith(#l YYFlintstones theme %ove story theme 1o2ody knows the tro#2le 03ve seen 5n 5meri)an in 'aris (6ershwin) 0 %ove Yo# (&ole 'orter) !illow !ee, (or Me