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Chapter 5 Banegas Query Page Queries No. No. AQ1 85 AQ: environment ?

AQ2 85 AQ3 86 AQ4 88 AQ5 89 AQ6 93 AQ: Please give first names or initials at first mention in text. AQ: complex curricular ? AQ: Unclear. Has not reached this stage? Is beyond this stage? AQ: perceived ? AQ:L stimulate ? Context Author's Response

undefined No, I’d rather stick to ecology. It was agreed with copy-editor in undefined December not to insert first names Yes, it should read complex undefined curricular relations Then, we can change it for …is undefined beyond an elementary stage. undefined Yes, OK undefined Yes, OK

AQ Page 2; my name, yes, it should be Darío (with an accent mark) Page 90, at the very bottom, insert a stop before the square bracket. Pages 91-ff In the extracts in italics, I see that Darío has been translated into Diary in the English version in square brackets. Please, it should also be Darío as it’s my name.