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ArtCAM Tutorials

J.C.Lee 2007

Extrusion : Design a Photo Frame
The Extrude command (in the Relief toolbar) allows you to create ‘swept’ 3D forms based on three 2D vectors. The first vector defines the line along which the relief will be extruded (this is the ‘drive curve’), the second defines the shape of the cross section at the start of the sweep and the third (which may be the same as the second) defines the shape of the relief at the end of the sweep. (Think of the extrusion as a long piece of plasticene – starting out square at one end and gradually changing shape along its length to become half round at the other end. Imagine this piece of plasticene is then formed into a curved shape – either open or closed – this would form the "drive curve" along which the 3D extruded relief is swept.) Note. It is also possible to introduce a ‘z modulation’ curve which means that the extrusion can move up and down as well as around the drive curve!

Picture Frame Example:   Create a new ArtCAM model – say 200mm x 140mm Use Snap Grid Settings in 2D View pull down menu to set a 1mm grid. Ensure Snap to Grid is selected.

Cross section of proposed frame – (position of this is not important)

Use the Create Polyine tool in the Vector toolbar to create two vectors One of the vectors should define the shape or ‘drive curve’ of the picture frame The other vector describes the cross section of the frame

‘Drive curve’ or shape of the frame

  

Select the Drive Curve on the screen and then press the Select button Select the option to Use as a centreline Click Next


Lee 2007  Select the Start Profile (cross section) on the screen and then press the Select button followed by the Next button. ignore it and just press the Next button.C.  Check the Add checkbox and then press the Extrude button.  Check the End profile is the same as the start profile checkbox and then press the Next button.  The extruded relief is then calculated and the photo frame model should look something like this 2 .ArtCAM Tutorials J.  Because we are not using Z modulation in this simple model.

Lee 2007 Things to try: Try using ‘Greyscale from Relief’ in the Model menu so that you can see the 3D model in the 2D view.C. Now add another vector to create a raised area for your crest and use Merge high to blend it into the frame. 3 . You could use Wrap Vector to lay a text based logo over the crest area and then use the Shape Editor to raise (or lower!) the text logo.ArtCAM Tutorials J.

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