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Submitted to: Ms.

Suman Valeecha
Submitted by : Amna Mushtaq (14446) Youmna Ather (14286) M. Bin Amin ( 12357) Syed Ahson ( 14773) Date: December 2,2013

Introduction Omung Lassi was launched by Engro Foods in the mid of june. It has two flavours:  Meethi Masti  Namkeen Taskeen .

  .Target Audience and Communication  Omang Lassi is targeted towards SECs B and C Modernized the concept of lassi Compared lassi to love and the remedy for love at the same time.

 Omung Lassi Slogan: “Guru Hoja Shru” Communicated that you become an expert in love after drinking their product  .

Positioning Lassi is a traditional product  Has a deep rooted perception  Considered as a healthy drink  Usually preferred in summers  Tried to modernize the product  .


 Could have promoted it on the basis of benefits it offers.Recommendation Could have showed it in traditional manner.  Could have marketed it like „Tarang‟.  .