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Artcam 7 Tutorial

John Lee@SHU 2007

Step 2 : Creating the recesses
First click on File and New or select Create New Model. This will open the Size for New Model box. Set the size as Height 50 and Width 50. Set the Datum (x= 0, y=0) to be in the middle of the model by clicking in the centre of the box. Set the resolution as 600 x 600 points by using the slider.

Next, the Create Circle is used to create a circle with an 8mm radius at the centre Double click on the circle to open the Shape Editor and give it a domed raise with an Angle setting of 60

Next, the Create Ellipse tool is used to create a small ellipse below the circle as shown below.

Now select the ellipse and use the Envelope Distortion tool again to create a petal shape.

The petal can now be copied several times as follows. Use Select Vector arrow to click on the petal shape to select it – it should turn pink Choose Block Copy / Rotate from the Vector Editing toolbar.

Click Close and then 3D to see the effect. . This will remove material in the shape of the petals. select each separate petal. Enter an Angle of -60 and press Add. You are now going to add a 3D effect to the petals. The grouped shapes should turn pink Double click on the grouped petals to open the Shape Editor window In the Shape Editor box. holding the Shift key to group them. To do this. choose the domed surface icon. choose Select Vectors and.Artcam 7 Tutorial John Lee@SHU 2007 Choose Rotate Copy Rotation Centre X: = 0 Rotation Centre Y: = 0 Number of Objects = 6 Click Apply This will copy the petals 6 times around the circle.

rlf) file so that it can be pasted in position onto your Fragrant Freebie air freshener To do this go to Save Relief in the Relief toolbar and save your relief file as petals. Step 3 : Pasting the recesses on the body of the Air Freshener Open your freshener.rlf file Make sure the Pasting option is chosen .Artcam 7 Tutorial John Lee@SHU 2007 This should now be saved as a relief (.art file From the Relief Operations toolbar. choose Load Relief Open your petals.rlf.

When you are happy with the size and position. . Use the Scale slider and Move to position and resize your petal design.Artcam 7 Tutorial John Lee@SHU 2007 The petal design should now appear as a red outline at the bottom LH side of your model. click Paste Your Air Freshener should now look something like the one shown below.