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Attachment training at CIFA was a swash bugling experience for us. Training schedule was prepared in a way to give us exposure to diversified area of fish genetics and biotechnology and this was justified. We were exposed to several kind of activity such as molecular marker, proteomics, mass breeding, selective breeding, molecular biology techniques etc. Selective breeding of Jayanti Rohu which is unique in India and one of the oldest projects going at CIFA was really inspiring for us. The kind of effort taken by scientist and supporting staff for this project is highly appreciable. Involving with them was highly informative and an unforgettable experience for all of us. Same time it was a historic moment for us to be with the team who initiated selective breeding programme of Catla catla. Work experience on molecular marker along with some discussion on its application, QTL and marker assisted selection was also a unique type of experience. Learning some of the technique of molecular biology such as native PAGE, 2d gel electrophoresis etc was a good experience for all of us. Lectures and discussion helped us in enriching our knowledge as well as cleared many doubts.