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English worksheet.

1. Look and read. Write has/has not or have/ have not.

Questions 1. Mother ____ a baby. 2. Father ____ a T-shirt. 3. They ____ a happy moment. 4. Mother ____ three daughters. 5. They____ a car 6. Baby ____ cookies.

II. III. Label the Picture. . Fill in the blanks with the prepositions below.

Match the verbs with the pictures.IV. ____ act ____ call my friends ____cook ____ ride a bike ____dance ____do crossword ____do DIY jobs ____draw ____garden ____go shopping ____go to the cinema ____ice-skate ____listen music ____make models ____paint ____Play basketball ____Play cards ____Play football ____Play tennis ____Play the drums ____Play the flute ____Play the guitar ____Play the piano ____Play the violin ____Play video games ____Read ____Repair objects ____Ride (a horse) ____Rolleblade ____Sing ____Skateboard ____Ski ____Surf the net ____Swim ____Take photos ____Walk ____Watch televison .