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Project Baton Objective Designed as a low cost stress test system to be used with treadmills Process Developed with

the same process in mind as the successful FiitX17 blood pressure monitor, to develop a more affordable product in shorter time development lifecycle by joint development between St. Louis and Bella India teams. St. Louis team initiates product, lays down functional specifications and user interface. Bella India team enables low cost manufacturability design and rewrites firmware algorithms. St. Louis manager coordinates the entire Baton passing styled development. Outcome By December 2007, Project Baton was 10 months behind schedule, moved entirely to St. Louis and by 2009 cancelled due to rising costs.

Project TKO Objective Develop a single channel low cost EKG specifically for the Indian market that could address the local challenges in delivering cardiac care. Process With GE healthcare having already achieved low power- low cost MAC series of EKGs by doing local R&D efforts. The path for Bella healthcares project TKO was laid, Technical Knockout was to be delivered by handing over all R&d responsibilities to local engineers who understand the local needs better and can bring about differentiating innovation for Bella healthcare. The four underlying design principles were Ease of use, Portability, Connectivity and affordability. To ensure true portability for far reaching parts of India a longer battery backup up to 300 uses/charge cycle was identified. Connectivity to a physician through GSM was another stand out product innovation. Outcome Not yet known, there is a scope for success for a low cost EKG, but a focussed development would be the key.