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Competence Definition NLP Patterns and Concepts Trance Beliefs Meta-Model First Position Rep Systems Rapport with Unconscious Mind Anchoring Submodalities ‘Phobia Cure’ Swish Pattern Physiology of Excellence Well-formed Outcomes Chunking Strategies Values Sensory Acuity Calibration Second position Eye Patterns Pacing and Leading Meta-Programs Sensory Language Milton Model Perceptual Positions Meta-Mirror Timeline emotional clearing Core Transformation Parts integration Re-Imprinting Symbolic Modelling Reframing


Knowing ourselves and what we are feeling in the moment


Being able to manage our emotions so they help rather than hinder the task at hand


Using our deepest preferences to move us towards our goals


Recognising emotions in others

Social Skills

Handling emotions in relationships; persuasion; negotiation; teamwork

Emotional Learning and Transformation

Learning what we need to learn from emotions, allowing transformation of emotions and self. This is also the realm of ‘meaning’.