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Ohios Number 1 Pr udential Real Estate Team

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B1 9/23 9/23/04 8:54 AM Page B1


Sept Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004

aker Ho Ho: Snack m

The News-Herald

B Business m

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sultation Measure/Con ng* Carpet Paddi Vacuum*

615 Corner of Rt. r and Rt. 20, Mento 50 (440) 255-95

cakes reor gani zes for Chapter 11

listed ased company $1.3 The Kansas City-b ies of 11 and is layoff- assets of $1.6 billion and liabilit , it through Chapter . In those filings Bak- anyone goes in its court filings James Elsesser had Mo. Interstate Bakeries billion CEO KANSAS CITY, or of lunch box staples free. more than a year, Interstate said chairman and sday. Joining For purvey ng sales of its bread resigned, effective Wedne who for bankw, declini eries Corp., the filed Sucko with ies, led John is Twink strugg the comz from his firm Wonder Bread andWednesday, felled by the has sweet goods products, a drop es chief restruc rity of Alvare Bakeri ate and popula tion the Interst pubprotec on ous ruptcy ts blame was named a more health-consci pany and analys diets such as Atkins turing officer. iaries combination of rotein, low-carb operational costs. es and its subsid es and lic and smothering wholesale baker, which high-p Interstate Bakeri Beach. at Longpeople at 54 bakeri stores The nations largest financial weakness for and Souths Morabito, a food analyst and outlet ny employ 32,000 of Thoma and, said the compa - 2,200 distribution centers had shown signs Chapter 11 reorganization Clevel in ch Resear of innova months, filed for management, saying it bow hurt by what he called a lack market; it across the country. of the company was rb was s and installed new While the future ding to the low-ca ts said its famou e. oper- tion in respona low-carb product until Febru- unclear Wednesday, analysr, Bakers Inn and intended to surviv it would continue Hostess, Wonde distribu- didnt release The company said ear from outlet stores and with the brands Pride are unlikely to disapp ary. trend, combined ating its bakeries, overhead Homeshelves. He said the diet und firm tion centers. debt and large to get their store turnaro of high want to head nys the Tony Alvarez, and the bakers new chief compaled to Wednesdays filing. Someone is going was just l ie brand, he said. Associated Press Alvarez & Marsa company had no immedi- costs,think the low-carb phenomenon hands on the Twink I ito said. executive, said the additional personnel. But, blow to IBC, Morab lay off t wholesaler baker country that a final nation's larges r Bread, filed for ate plans to very rare in this es Corp., the he added, Its Interstate Bakeri include Twinkies and Wonde sday. ts

David Twiddy
Associated Press

Maker of Hostess

early Wedne whose produc ptcy protection Chapter 11 bankru

Scandal to cost millions

The News Herald

hear people Years ago, you'd , but of thing is crazy saying that kind you have the reality that now it might be be a There has to loss. the take to adjustment to that. psychological s are a lot er A lot of seller Brandon C. Bak in terms of mentally now BBaker@News-H more prepared ago, I s are. Two years tell what their value home easy for a house and comes e edeven n't go into blam Nothing 00 could ican not Hurr is worth $30,0 market, sellers in this one their house are and some ons rs was upti buye it e ht disr ectiv for prosp thoug when than what they a great less "it's . ded very easily antly remin const Frank Eltman them accept it Brad Foss t's have clien a Press ted into buy." Press Associa to ted time Associa Now, I go ys spent alwa They're ers have The forCrudetheir Homeown understand that. NEW YORK re maker INGTON ing WASH house, and they what's above $48 of cash on ready together loads mer CEO of softwa ted and they see et, but futures prices surged mark ates Internaoil proBand gets back the as for sday a lot more educa Wedne sellers asset Computer Associ d Wednesst of barrel lot per large A tions less et. g disrup mark it with shippin do tional was charge fraud in a n andthey ductio going on in the days ees of Caterpillaries these Ivan caused as they don't anehouse can be Former employ , which idled 25 Hurrica day with securit accounting by that caused g to sell it as long shrink more ance of are willin Towmotor in Mentor assur . multibillion-dollar company y, Aug. 23, 2009 tic supplies to delay from all corners domes hy Sunda come lengt the ago, a ut years ed. witho scandal, and expect sold owe anything. than $225 milber ss can to realize the map for reunion proce theNovem itself agreed to pay criminal ever, for They're starting than crude at roff MoreLight s settle neve $1.59 to lion to stave seem rose and Page F1 some thing that' ting deflay on the New be deliver charges. they can find $48.35 per barrel agreed to al deal, or nge. omen Excha phen g. The government the comntile a endin York Merca a Realtor of acents distressed, erald just 35 are that ising defer prosecution s to give futures surpr Jeff Forman/News-H bank-owned that's Crude It's not peak Nymex g sellers 19 incin something that's pany for 18 month to sell the Aug. conv below ates time to d try when woul r. sellers that have Computer Associ ent price. But or she can settlem Proper ties in Mento steal. There's bought cleaned up its The News-Herald wise, but if hen, todays show that it has other at Prudential Select want to sell. They some said it adjusting for inflatio and the top-selling team and those who $9 per below act. Prosecutors paymentsup Monday night about ers Kaim leads the de arepoint provi prices time in any first the are behind wra agent Michael the or way, ps com estate before the real house rald. just marked the first fraud case d er 27, At reachealong g to anoth nkers level ration inspi /MBIair@News-He at the major corporate has made sell. They're willin Cash fortoClu will rise Gulf Energy Ben of a sale they have e War. Michael Allen Blair stands in front of a home. In chanc tment of of that the government its The Depar takes to sell the As part Team sday that the such a move. least. do whatever it ed Wedne very price it ence in report by s Michael Kaim fell News The re willing to of crude At a news confer Project, g, didnt set aside lins supply Attorney l Select Propertie nation Frank most cases, they' week, how have the gram up and runnin ces and were overWashington, Deputy know barrels to last Kaim of Prudentia Mentor. million re, y. If they don't 9.1 ael Comey said wanted 269.5 omo equit h staff or resour response from conld Mich ment money. to the soph Hera ories General James have ge house invent they heavy will have to waits for the govern for the $3 billion stim- enoug sell a t a colle give the bringing rs son St. in accordingly if that person ing whelmed by the set up to handle and reimowne could , or 5 percen est the deferral will unity to home ng first home as ing benchmarks at firm The responsibility is widely spread. s million barrels listing at 7157 Jack and a distressed sell, Stephen Mann Thene swift After selli et. Gasoli sumers. System flaws ped. company the opport year. mark equity and it's this last now sett sale. ulus programs relying on auto industry it's in it has a culAssociated Press in below claims were swam t fraud creltor short the also and a it of eight Rea dealer set. like ories rd Anthony ld has ns stage burse Kaim demonstrate that saved. Our invent mind Cliffo which ess optio ent g oil Michael prices for you don't 27-year-o rules to preven many heatin nder, letely differ ssjust Congr the program wouldnt have a in the company, consider other respo your house. If Business Writer Government ture that can be sell, comp he has group and 200 salespeople. Its revived busine , sending futures at Prudential harm for want to n, it's,the shrank requirements that You can stage deeply forecasts that and her the Mich tips to pass along INGTON r your price. and sellers better, ael Kaim team within reaso . offices WASH The ones that focus is not on doing zzlers off s ated paperwork on moribund sales Bonnie Spinelli home in be the home as the top team with To serve buyers Michael Kaim Team. or, gave us a few understand. you've got to lowe those fuels soaring price ships, taken gas-gu g to at For two years, in Ment house to be aggressive more bullIt was recognized e, units and listing. In to for major effect ed how many people would rties car dealerwoul harms sake. get any bad condition, dealers didnt fully dealers made Cash e immovable. d boost a group, the t Prope is a real d hurt other , tried to sell their dont do as Realtors stimat they dont to If they're not willin MLS sales, that Ed Sil- has becom husband, Rocco so they could relocate to formedsister, Tina Hivnor, who also Kaims highest sales in volum listed 111 properties SelecYou given a badly neede market. undere said home But he added: If ors said meaby rebates of up their lot of things we the road and advertises it ce even Hungry for a the report, in Realt 's many fear ships s ple, g advan this hip His of By conseteam in join n who s dealer flood There than ies. listin exam the Towns to to ish n er weeks Kaim for just ciatio those factor first , to Munso anoth auto risk manling that nt of take those steps, w that year, Ohio Asso Clunkers house agent, was the down lured . for Clunkers dealsadvised against it. This forcome hip. preside The photos oting. My team nearly 11 vice Cash ald: another strugg severe. liere, has -Her ments r, she $4,500 Hambden Towns list the home with a real estate Other team members are Matthe itted just $1 value News Merchant and sold 80. in terms of prom the govern state grew by quences will be tours and as many sale. It's just e their sures, though they were g the moment the projoined his brothe to 12 Theageme nt at Energy an and realiz the that Initially, lawmakers comm h s. couldnt team. and Jennifer Hart. sa success. to a price The couple would ng sales in the ites with virtual that don't When Hivnor existi The former chairm purely about r was burned throug a list of 10 ne, Jason Hadad and when that person York. succes program hasebeen created a big backlo . gs with more photo their price new There's sellers in New on over 80 webs , also was there is anothe an amount that LLC May. Was this things about the estate agent, and period, they would find Canzo s no magic formula to be a sold his expected him to build g to reduc began to search listin t what B2 of CEO, Sanjay Kumar racy and Apriltictosupply trou-the billion, few weeks. as it winds down, six months. accep There the domes ng and gram officially g to nt from other they're not willin Yet 're planni capture a lot See Clunky, Page can. Buyers seem willin a ls, said Kaim, who at John homes within the first ed when Kaim built a perceWhile there sell within a certain ane and hasty we you not just the officia as in agent, so : were Hurric s the or ge by charged with conspi in an tment estate t, image proThey on seller g d the sell. lasting n Depar s caused toPress sittin a real ful real itted deraile sophomore 's tax credi justice trouble should give Realtors another one. te, prohave great signa via Associa end up buyer But she was surpris s nearly dr cause Transportatio that Reporte home their listing with tele- first home when he was a sity Heights. to dissipa seller obstruction of ed Wednesoftion execu Association of Justin Connaher/Thewoul You have to 30 days to get the type d to the rise and bled are expected ibute a has led some One day, soon after Ivan bigger list. . Thos she said. du e doing presented with just se still National d, they received indictment unseal l University in Univer et that contr in Fond a house the underlying et is basics, much ries early on and, lately, out amid long 20 to 25 homes, mark mark s were Indust analysts said estate agent expire el Kaim, who had just Carrol Im doing is covering the of time. I didnt expect buyer traffic becau ts is buyers still find f & Rudoy are dsgram s to drop perio day. Similar charge that were dead Micha Catholic All longes It was crazy. for vehicl in global oil marke 14 percent of Lasky, owner/partner of Sadof Cash for hope ss ? et ers Clunk frustrated dealer t the comphone call from e real estate tightne mark graduate of Lake I was shocked. regional manager of Pru- some prices written sales after lievable sales tics show that Jason why ed, brought agains of world, smell ng a house? is yard where statis expir that it stagi the ttered he, in said Kaim, a 1995 his career as a full-tim t in and ed ties Forsyt After declu abou unbe r. : head launch stands not Proper Steve Mento Oil April were What ition, Kaim red, s hard work. ay. Lac, Wis., tial Select doorclutte all year. panys former or Thursd e High School in h and ed in tip-top cond to sacrifice price. For been soaring Marc k insid recycl Select, lauded Kaim g the streets by agent with Pruden from driving by. Forsythe le locked in after. ive ed and a wrec shredd wide sales. 45 daysbeen It needs to be It calls for hittinalling for sale by own- dential estate is in his blood, more expens have for have because peop a sales condition. If it's ates is the down Mentor. on it. There's Real has alsoMay ial built marketing slowed into a house . Otherwise, you home and gave potent ng and cold-c Computer Associ It has to be in buyers will bid hs. ael himself has e; and attitude mont He came to our li recalled. Initially knocki expired listings. to concerns about Russia largest softgood, look good interior designer who will go due have an effect on how r, how unso- said. Mich and Spinel Iraq, countrys fourthright attitud se we're not an do, but if you that'll have an industry term for pitch, Bonnie because hes very young. ers dy. problems inoil-pro it needs to appea and output skills. He has the this business. alrea instance, I have ducing 's no rush, becau al ware maker. Cold-calling is an things you can They'll say how sories hard and it's an attorney other we were skeptic surprise, the 27-year-old calling, said, "Now there t, so maybe we'll wait a everything is in le key and just a lot of little r peop Robert Giuffra, ter Assoprepare it to sell. set up. She'll bring in acces really pushes it estate busi- is A lot of fear is involved in cold Othe licited calls. and credi real that a the Spinellis be time. or in tax To it's up s. , 0 just short Realt a should It be n Compu a nation Now , $8,00reduced ld withi an sharply l help with the the caller ld sell. get ys Kaim, who grewsome of his sales techrepresenting to countr aggressive price goingThe the summer hits." the furniture shou s to stage it properly. She'l Kaim sold the house we asked for, Bonnie settlement a question it shou Forsythe said, noting when no , said e 's and ons. look ing the family becaus price) there Lake to rejecti Frank ciates, called the just resoness s cant s (the trimm thing and is signifi We got of week et time in le supply prepared to accept t is beneficial to buyers coup aggressive. oil learned from parent help them buy in good condition, hing the beds e, estima gted fair, balanced and disturbaverage mark the going mulc concep schem gettin li said. He is very was impressed by niques he operated Century 21 Launders re the of r A below team team Spinel they' or. we're the falls Colo The think terms of deeply I now said and Realt it er, t one ory 23), the Fed said she lution of this invent exterior, in my listings sell. it has to be takes longer. . They can contac lar summ few open Jane. They before selling it in 2002. Hire a full-time Bonnie Spinelli (June operating on lower itself, will help Select and sellersinstead of waiting for a particu which included a set in 27 years ased activity and to 10 months.... ess. The ing matter. dropped andbarrels Rates former ced none of trees. That, in his sales strategy, open house for other bro- for became Prudential are, that incre members al County is nine level of 270 million theyum gone out of busin on That company He conceded that the trust has to be repla wher so it's a great alePetrole spending sever ime rates ting to keep Kaim said. houses, a lunche isements in many publicaRealtors have the Nation new management. ed if a counter top 1998 by at a 40-year low, s. A lot of get away with brokers, full-t and a ne is another marke 're Properties under ing his business market- agent, of oil executives betray ter Assolot of part-time They tium rs. kers, and advert consor A talking telepho him. sive. They can ... If you have seller to full- service il, abuye obtain in go. for st expen after Counc Carto more the for Soon d s hope intere by super ready of the board, Compu , and he going e worke advise ented itely do, will that 's defin tions. implem ives of their JCU, Kaim ation. public is olders execut he was going to have the hous There gasto put up Kaims team buy. lot of sellers have ing degree from ally renowned Realtor in tool ciates shareh and you see one with a great reput Everything he said tment. At that hundred bucks li said. adding For sale signs r and a code. If dialed, time forward to. A that able to Ryan Homes is le are Energy Depar way Justo, a nation h, Bonnie Spinel n peop the y has Realtors and those rma 15,000 employees,rs fully have to look cted chai followed throug house two years ago, she los , for 18 months. s they nal builder like et impa Fed have a toll-free numbe e will give a detailed thing because they were other to look like. the refining industr et natio ct to mark Justo, level, has mark her this respe can with hanMiami the . messag has to selling with house the board of directo ments you off skills a and s lity How Since most sales but if flexibi house re at, a pre-recorded house. stride as ished get the their ng Kaim to her friends dimin After honing his tial Select in 2002. g his taken models, that's what be the perfect house ever, can you tions, supports the govern stay where they' hittin s been recommendi ces and aggressive disrup How tion of the all Lake, and d has s? That' in descrip bring cipate to Pruden home help: house to homes l unanti ng on joined Kaim, dlence their prici focus gh? about his It's not going ongoing effort ng clean, that'l refina Such personal referenand his team to post Kaim went away. desk then, said of PruNPC. Kaim and team oga counties. . house, decision realize may be going throu Kaim I didnt have a according to the g your lot of inventory d and have it looki t push as hard. You used to wrongdoers to justice sellin marketing helped $12.5 million in 2003, and the buyers will what the buyer entire second floor you're tme looms Geauga and Cuyah call (440) 266-8322. company homes sold. A nt get it neutralize who occupies the7395 Center St. left hoping that In April, the g up in price and reappoin s that sellers didn' and have buyers flock to it home sales worthfar this year. you sell your ntage of these To reach the team, worksheet ial results sellers are still Select at If you're buyin top sales Those one of the thing win-win in that sale and take adva things you're restated its financ to reflect The planning just hers $21.4 million so a sales target of $40 mil- dential team became the s that or two, five ion it can be a a house up for losse have re. s dispatc saidto week put quest main a In 2003, Kaims any to n you t a softwa Merit no the s he has set 's able of withi offse ement Avers from 2000 and 2001 e that what l enable Now, be there ble some you'l ine availa are n chose revenu with of their what representing manag s and have it sell you go to buy, Jeann Press nces, so $2.2 billion in match by buying a Merit Transportatio mstamoves lion for 2005. the chances miles, like paying organization circu the and multiple offer an existing you'dted booked. house, but when than Associa President of le to increase ces to reduce empty entrepreneurs in was improperly resour a professional TMWSuite to replace ed selling for less Architects, Vicey Wise of Cus- all women would choose? g those peop utilization and tellin deal or six years ago. al. Now, you have to have with more than software package that provid Last year, ga in on. Directors. you've taken by that somebody increase asset the one ON e gettin ting Tamm priced 10 united States INGT rs. WASH cers and Board of to track drivcrisis for the-top aggressive driver satisfaction. Syshouse that you'r ertyebeing Group, Vice ent Jean Marke That was norm in some cases and have it ialhouse ers and 80 chapte prop improv ,000 only limited ability t financ g a $200 more expensive They are Presid gna Mar- tom Publishing er Services 8,000 memb have to be over- ssive Realtor that's not the the graves as sellin youTMW lacked flexibility woodetbased stage it shook loss, Memb Beach mark ssion houses. If it's tor ld be ers hours and Depre integra shou come in and your house at a since the Great Gianfagna of Gianfa ent Elect President of of MEC Systems, have an aggre that per and ng options. In this e sell to the develo n to reporti a you hous Berg all the neighbors' It sits. Some sellers have is ng If tatio Ben Presid tems ,000 than You choosi talkin , , r softin t. spor Cilia e, $350 Mary g system $30,000 or it Tran keting, Inc. s Visual Disevery aspec percent lowe rise management pushing the hous but you buy a the bankinbut an of ActuComp President of Public Mer and lost as beleaThrough TMW ng house, it sits. ,000, have ls of enterp indusget it, but to looki are nearly game $170 contro d rtation they , best,000 Bonnie Fraser Past President Inc., Vice Nolan of Womens have softw their Merit seeme d, transpo of lucky top for the nanke get TMW component, on ware them-is a best-price gained $100 tionsthing the house. You ceninstituher Ltd., Immediate of Ambiance, Affairs Liz Centers of Cleve- adds price-, and if they Anot Trans- patch ,000, you've as the d. activities from a easy try. Realtors that show right $450 h Merit guered gaine d that e ey dispatc for all a-base ostic Down other wait Omah Diagn Jennifer if they ve lost but you'v . eyes of tion that provides disthey just , one of the coundirectors Susan selves . ent of Commufat- between. chief had eped, $40,000. You' n they're strap 1 choice in the l get Inc., Vice Presida Timperio of land, and Datascope, Sunny portation LLC ng refrigerated tral applica s are saleable, ation for aggressive price and that's few and reports ute No. The Federal Reserv wireabsol saving. access to inform are strapped. Whe , people's home you'l fastest-growi start the crisis be the Staff multiple You haveto anded , Hawkes of nications Angel stimat on NAWBO elects lot of people In most cases move y undere ce Performance trys s, has selected TMW Sys- patching single or for everybody. d at its best, then ting & Mailing initiall inject new , take the loss, Mosaic Marke of Education Lurie of Advan d to re willing of P.C. carrier ed. There's hope you're not price By the time you realize seeme as the comg now. thene payin and new officers ent a way. If they' can sell the home Donna Metzger the buyers. If you'r taking need to be tweak n. tems TMWSuite ve enterprise moves. that ation of Vice Presid hing breath Design, and 's a will, there's hold the competitio to a reduce, if you high mortgage risk by unleas ion comprehensi The National AssociOwners Barb Cagley of SCK Finance Coach. Now, As long as there in a passed up by fight it. Get out of the to posit house. eofnot by the time you (to) less than national dues- panys of ess a their and ent money you'r is Busin O up sell Presid and n d sums can you NAWB sell Vice Wome is raising ther Whe Hershman r announced the Inc., economy you've been passe end up having to reduce it If you need to to sacrifice, they the g loss. takethenin Cleveland Chapte2004-2005 offi- Carole Sanderson of d have as Presiyou just a , sell now, streng steal on nkes standing ning if you woul get wait too long, Berna election of the on to the house house, you'll a must decide d've in the begin ll end up selling it for get a smaller dent Barack Obam You' what you woul int him. downsize and for three, Scott@News-Her in the beginning. whether to reappo say Bernanke, Duncan Scott/D on the market priced it right His supporters Great Depreslower prices too. then see it's been pay for close to asking the of to r less. Buyers will g schola 55, a hs and not willin . You have to have a very edge and abilfour, six mont sion, has the knowl able recovery rd Township. you price it right owns in Conco ity to guide a sustain price by the time on. And sell a home he to aign. inflati g ment camp ignitin eting without a short sale settle t his bold aggressive mark Carl Jonke is using argue that withou

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Bernanke is on the rebound

Featured articles numerous times in the Business Section

they global financial interventions, the been much crisis could have worse. the occasion He has risen to you might what admirably after start, says Alan slow a was argue ton professor Blinder, a Prince chairman in the who was Fed vice performance mid-1990s. His t. merits reappointmen just wrapped Bernanke, having conference in l annua up the Feds Wyo., remains Jackson Hole, to help speed a under pressure sness, now at 9.4 recovery. Jobles ed to hit double percent, is expect Yet his riskiest digits this year. when and how to task is to decide emergency resunwind the Feds t endangercue programs withou ing the economy.
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BIRTH DATE: 55; Dec. 13, 1953, in Augusta, Ga. EDUCATION: B.A. in ecoHarvard Univernomics, 1975, ics, sity; Ph.D. in econom chusetts 1979, The Massa logy. Institute of Techno Feb. 1, EXPERIENCE: t, chairman of presen to 2006, e; June the Federal Reserv chair2006, 31, 2005 to Jan. Council of man, Presidents rs; 2002Economic Advise Board of Gov2005, member, l Reserve ernors of the Federa profes002, System; 1996-2 of the Ecoan sor and chairm ment at Princenomics Depart 1985-2002, ton University; or, Princeeconomics profess ton University. Anna; two FAMILY: Wife,

team like Betty to specialists on his able e while attempting Walsh. In most cases, were in credit card troubl help them. completing a short to make ends meet. , a property is typiand he is close to ent he deems pheher job back, but After the search put under a priceShe eventually gotded to the econBaker then sale an agreem that saved him Brandon cally listed and m based on activher employer responovertime, essenaign, nomenal and one BBaker@News-H camp reduction eliminating t, Kaim said. The from foreclosure. of Prudentials Men- omy by harder for ate it ity and buyer interes envision nighttially making things offer and negoti Michael Kaim, everything but her Carl Jonke didnt d to purchase an hope is to get an buyer, who must el Kaim Team, aided Frankina. She lost tor-based Micha sale, and says such mares when he decide with the potentialent is contingent on house. ty in 2005. Jonke in his short best option for about short sales, investment properbuilding industry know the agreem a short sale. Before learning her lender to ctions are the t A friend in the tried to get the bank accepting on the Lit- transa wners with their backs agains everyna , ties Franki others proper leeway and , only homeo nts. The had been selling ry Club golf For that reason isnt crazy about a short sale is simlower the payme $97 less than her ry the wall. He says ty that is worth tle Mountain Count body in the indust t. a proper they offered was knew buying one course, and Jonke Sure, he spent more ply selling the short sale concep owed. original payments. te worse thing a ul time, probaless than what is t, but one that would be a boon. it, but the market It is the absolu get involved in, It was a very stressf Its not a new concep an difficult things than $500,000 on the Concord Townseller or buyer can to in the face of on-based bly one of the most h, said many are turning and financial criMichel, of Chard Real Estate, throug was booming and Jonke Thom gone urn made ever downt Ive ndings Michel d a short-sale time. economic their own households. An ship lots surrou Karen & Thom Frankina, who reache propwould sell in no a r it within that forme ses Realsales. ent of her confid said of short Association agreement and left about a house on his stance consid August National percent of sales Youre talking Michel softened and erty in June. two new hospitals out for initial statement, tors report said 36 quarter was golf course, near It was a not sales) are a way , she said. erably from that is a good option for second (Shor the in said. he it traffic no release going up, sales and foreclo conceded that like people who have attributable to short critical situations brainer at the time.time the builder Its a huge relief. agents on his team some in or Jonke. Still, Michel says sures. However, by the property values some t unemployment Frankina said short t percen Kaim 10 a agains sale home, With what a short completed the out there that he advises his clients es banks are didnt even know ion hit. Jonke rate, weve got people ago. Still, the teamand sales because he believ short sales fell and the recess make their paywas a few years hit and sell it. with lose their jobs, cant over the years elected to take a paycheck to payill-equipped to deal ete them. cash to cover has done about 100 g. ments, were living and, boom, now He borrowed somethe process. But and the time to compl have nearly 30 pendin force them into ines the check, Kaim said, the payments during (Short sales) will on where they dont After an agent determ is owed, he or the utilities and y because of the theyre in a situati what and when that ran out, rsome and were foreclosures anywa worth l said. s do. to home search to find ale decitime it takes, Miche s. know what taxes became cumbe will conduct a title and length of arrive at the short-s she foreclosure notice ss ty by is a negotiator for ed proper People nt who the ement reside on compl Each person and Mentor how many sleeple out what liens are imately 300 short s sion differently, situation was nothapprox I cant tell you has wake e. I banks sellabl said. if its Jonke they cant proces banks Cheryl Frankinas nights Ive had, half a million dolnegotiate with the out what sales on their desk, s. They Jonke owe like h. I , ing enoug paths, figure up saying sed a business B2 directly, get the and try to negotiate them fast sed to be a quick Frankina purcha and quit her job See Short, Page lars. It was suppo ago outstanding of about five years idea failed misera- else is lder, Kaim said money-making deal. s. The up becoming a with each lienho the in the proces na, a single mother, got Instead, it ended -losing one. But bly, and Franki through. prolonged, money about $200,000, Ive ever gone bank forgave Jonke t difficult things

children. was not going QUOTE: I l Reserve to be the Federa presided over chairman who Depresthe second Greatin a July 26 sion, Bernanke g moderated meetin all town-h by PBS Jim Lehrer.

f. mos Its a huge relie ably one of the have no release. ssful time, prob proper ty in June left her former It was a very stre s) are a way out for people who agreement and d a short-sale (Short sale resident who reache
Cheryl Frankina, Mentor

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Professional, Full Service Company The Michael Kaim Team guides you through the home selling and buying process from beginning to end Nationally Recognized The Michael Kaim Team has been recognized nationwide for its consistent Real Estate accomplishments Innovative Team The Michael Kaim Team has the technology & resources designed specifically to help you sell or buy your home.

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The Michael Kaim Team has been consistently recognized for its accomplishments
2003 Ohio Association of Realtors - Award of Distinction 2004-Present Ohio Association of Realtors - Pinnacle of Performance Award 2004-Present Top of the Rock Performer - Prudentials Top 100 Award & Prudentials Chaimans Circle Diamond Award - Top Ohio Team for Sales & Listings 2007 Prudential Pinnacle Team Award & Prudential Legend Award - Nationally Ranked #7 in USA 2008-2009 Prudential Pinnacle Team Award - Nationally Ranked #14 & #15 in USA 2010-2011 Ohio Association of Realtors/Presidents Sales Club Award Ranked #3 in Ohio, Volume and Units out of all 20,000 Realtors in Ohio. 2012 Prudential Top of the Rock Performer (Top Producer in the Midwest), Prudential Chairmans Circle Diamond & Prudential Legend Award (10 Year Diamond Award Winner). Top 10 Agent in the US. #1 Prudential Team in Ohio. 2003-Present Over 2,000 Homes SOLD - consistently a leader in the industry! 855-974-0404

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The Michael Kaim Team Specializes in Selling Properties that Other Agents Failed To Sell.
Utilize our Aggressive Marketing Approach Well make your listing appear fresh and new to buyers

Mr. & Mrs. Whalen had their home for sale for 2 years with 3 Top Realtors in Northeast Ohio. They were looking for an Aggressive agent that could sell the home for a good price and within a short period of time. Their home expired off the market and Michael contacted them at their Florida residence to notify them that their home was no longer listed. A few weeks later Michael met with the Whalens and listed their home. After listing with Michael, the home sold in 2 months and for 97 percent of the asking price!

The Michael Kaim Team

Our home was a For Sale by Owner and we tried selling for a few months on our own before we listed with Michael. Upon listing Michael brought 2 different Buyers to the table interested in buying the home for full asking price. Michael and his team were wonderful! Phil & Sue Vaughan Toll Free 855-974-0404

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In-depth marketability consultation with you Offer a Guaranteed Sale Program
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Mail an informative Just Listed post card to potential buyers Advertise your home in local news publications Create a virtual tour of your home to be placed on multiple websites and the MLS Advertise your property on multiple websites such as,,,, Homes. com,, TheMichaelKaimTeam. com,, Google, Yahoo, Prudential, AOL, etc., exposing the home to thousands of potential buyers daily Expose your home to millions of people through the Prudential Relocation Network Update you weekly by e-mail with an activity report of the market conditions in your neighborhood

Advise you on staging your property for prospective buyers Measure your home & submit it to the Multiple Listing Service for exposure to thousands of Real Estate Agents across North Eastern Ohio Take photos of your home for added exposure in ads, highlight sheet & the internet Install HIGHLY V1SABLE 6 professional FOR SALE sign for maximum exposure Enter property into the Centralized Showing Service, which provides you with e-mail notifications and feedback from Agents for every showing Install a TEXT sign rider to your Prudential Pole sign - a direct link to any mobile phone with property information straight from the MLS

As a custom Home Builder I put some pretty high expectations on Michael and his team. We were in the process of building a home for ourselves and we were interested in selling this home for a good price fast. Michael did just that, he was honest with us upfront regarding price and he did what he said he was going to do. He sold our home in 18 days and got us within $5,000 of our asking price. Since selling our home we have referred several customers of ours to Michael and his team.
David Payne Toll Free 855-974-0404

Guaranteed Sale Program

We Guarantee the Sale of Your Home within 120 Days, or Well Buy it!
This is a special listing program that we can provide to you
Guaranteed 90% suggested sale price of your property!
*Stipulations apply, for more information contact Michael Kaim Toll Free 855-974-0404

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Direct Marketing
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Just Listed Postcards

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Just Liste 4406 d 0

Sent to your neighbors to announce new listing and promote interest




nishe 2,60 0 SF g & like d R ec R -n cabin of Li oo ets ving ew 4 be droo S The K , ceram m. The m Co ic tile gran pace wh itche lo ite e ic n firep floors open at-in h include nial that lace , s b to reak s and the sp Kitch lead fa cr en b a newer st a o to islan o e 30 wn mold cious Fa a There th d sts o & bu mily Deck ing ak are : rice ilt-in Room P & pri & a Din Ma also List pan wit ster v e form Suite 00 al Li ate fence tte with F h a cozy try. d99 oub,9 $3 o v re d brick in ff le -in b g an ers v nch d nkce a : d addit Psi a o ck s, o u D y lted rs tha ionalri stand old ceilin ining Roo ard with t S up sh Bed be gs, a a ms. T en n ,0 ower he g shed. eu 00 rooms a 50 glam $4 & w so nd a orge me n trally d our alk-i ous Jacu nice ewer 18 ecora n cl z tank ay g z s: te o uest i ba carp set. D & ga B th et th d with rage fresh athroom There are , door ru-out. T . The pain 3 he open er. M re is als t, newer home ha s o a ake fi x tu n this o res Mich & ne y ewer A/ ael K ours! C, H 4 Be 2O droo Prud aim m

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Just Sold Postcards


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N Your Find ou Proper t how we ty! can with ou r own lice sell your prope For a Fre rty nsed au e Evaluation call 440 ctioneer! emichae -26 lkaimte 6-8322 SELL Yo ur Hou Check ou se TOD t our Gu AY! arante Call for pre-record ed Sales Pro gram ed informa No obli tion


Sent to your neighbors to announce the sale of your home

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Custom made color brochures of your property for prospective buyers

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ale ur Short S About o Program ome e your h promot we w sites Ho rent web on 87 diffe ur yo ell n s ca How we in 120 days ith home w ed or we will te guArAn t* y i bu atio ns apply s *Stipul 00 home ell 200-3 e s How w per year
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1/20/11 12:04 PM

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optio scuss yourThe Michael Kai

If Your Hom e Is Curr ently Liste d For Sale , Please

Pardon Our Aggr


m Team

essive Mar keting Appr oach!


n! Toll Free 855-974-0404


out how Proper we can ty! with ou r own lice sell your prope For a Fre rty nsed au e Evaluation call 440 ctioneer! emichae -26 lkaimte 6-8322 SELL Yo ur Hou Check ou se TOD t our Gu AY! arante Call for pre-record ed Sales Pro gram ed informa No obli tion

AUCTIO N Your Find

RESSED We Speci ? alizie in *In For Buying eclosure & Sellin *Short *Estate g Home Sales Sales s: *Bankru *Hom p


02 Ext. 10


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We also offer other specialized marketing The Plain Dealer Jewish News Country Critter Cleveland Magazine Sun Journal Akron Beacon Journal

JUNE 9, 2010

H O M E S Al



Welcome to this stu Park lik e 2.5 acres nning almost 40 00 SF Gourmet on eat-in Kit private cul-de-sac custom built Co The nice chen with lonial Din breakfas 27 ft. Fam ette with builtt ins open bar and hardwoo s to chee d floors Dramati ily Room with ga rful Su s fire c 1,0 to a finish 00 SF Master Su place, recessed lig nroom ite offers The fan ed Bonus Room a huge wa hts and French do tastic ors lk-in closet built-in ba finished lower , glamour level boast Jacuzzi ba Sunroom r, Billiard Room, th connect plus Exerci s huge Recreation walks ou s se t to a comp Room, cu back yard Room an stom fully d an osi Ba d te th ser Tre en Exceptio x Deck an equippe d nal lands e setting d Paver Pa caping, ma What mo tio overloo re could tur kin e tre g a private es and pe you want, wooded rennials this home has it all. Start packi ng today !

12085 Ph

easant C ourt, Mu

nson $3


Buy This

Home &

Ill Buy Yo

urs....GU ARANTE ED!

To adve rtis
HA Cover 6-9-10.indd 1


e c a l p t Marke
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www.kai mteam.c
call 44 0-95


MUNSO Discover N serenity 6,000 propertySF hom in this unbe Inviting that is e on sere lievable, $499 qual ,900 staircase Foyer adjacent ne park -like ity built KIRTLA Room. which boasting to The Natu 3.9 ND Arch hardwoo itect re Pres acre of cabi Oak eat-i leads to erve, Regency ural mas nets, n Kitc a vaul d floors breakfas cera terp ted & Woo hard hen Master t bar & mic tile floo features 2 story open & wood floo ds Sub iece on division cheerful 2 story 3 acre $649,900 Suite. rs rs, Cen an abun Great s in ter Islan dance built maje Livingleads to the . Gran Morning WIL Room form d Foyer the Exc LOW chef stic Room. d, larg lusiv ICK 1st floo e cent 's dream fireplace with a al Dining with wet bar, Room Stunning e gated & r Brea er islan Kitchen d, brea boas wall of 4,600 Lake Erie cust wind kfas SF Colo 2nd Kitc t Room. kfast ts granite windows om almo ows allow wate $749 . bar, nial withrfront com hen & Full finis ,900 ing Sub counterto The floo st ever Zero full Bath hed ps, a an abun munity. rs, cera y room for brea 2,000 Frid . dance SF LL ge & center islan mic back. Kitchenthtaking of Lev with splash, boastingviews from a Roo el w/B d with brea illiard kfas quartz coun hardwoo m d off a with hom Room, t bar. Ama terto Sunroom e thea Kitchene zing ps & ter syst Low ! tte, em and and Fam er ily to top it all




ready! le models Print Ebook Pages - multip shopping in program. One stop our tradeAsk about





Dr 201 ea 0 Y m M Ho CA us e


440 -974 -040 4

Se ar ch for Ho me s on the

WIL LOU Magnific GHBY HIL ent with 6,800 custom LS w/ha built rd-w SF of French $1,199,0 finishing ood floo living spac 00 elaborat & chanrs, 3 piec e. Gran Country home KIRTLA Theatre e LL with delier e crown d 2 story Exquisit ND HIL molding foyer lift. an w/ saun w/ a 92" e Ama ze gues , faux spectacu features LS screen authentic a. Top lar floo and 50's rane & this Game ts r plan timeless car gara off w/anRoom that wine bar, style Mov in feet an-style of this design$1,285,000 Fitness ge! in-groun walks of disti home ie nctiv offering custom buil adorn d pool out to a Room and enjo the WAITE e livin y hot near , pool from t house tub. Libr the the professiog. Emb ly 9,00 Mediter- Welcom HILL 8c 5 aries Grea nally race the 0 square Estate e to this balconie French t Room, nestled land outdoors of inco land Master scaped Screeneds. The doors whic cons on 12 lushmparable $1,5 Esta setti southern00,000 acres Porch. Lower Lev h exit Suite and ng spec te has ervancy. adjo This el walk onto indi the tacu been magnific ining 20 style details lar deta vidual s out complete ent 7,80 acres iling to a ly reno large system, like; a Cres & cameras vated 0 SF Pana tron features soni gas heat c phon , security total hom extraord w/ & AC. e system, system, e tech inary energy Lutron nology efficientlighting, zoned

#7 Team Nationw ww

ide w.them ichae lkaim team .com

ome chael Kaim SOLD in G Or I'l UARAN under 12 l buy TEED 0 days it accept myself at ... EUCLID able to a pric e you! CLEVELA ND

Over 1, 600 hom es BOUG HT or SO LD! emMi ichae H



l Kaim

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ebu ying .com


$67,500 AMAZING QUALITY Great 3 BR on impecc Cape Cod nestled More pho ably manicur ed lot tos & virt ual tour www.K visit: aimTea


More pho



BUDG Fantastic ET PLEASER 4 BR two stor w/2,000 SF of livin y home g space tos & virt ual tour www.K visit: aimTea



More pho

80 Rt. 44 South,left on

ance), righ Waterfall entr on Fernway Ct. Take d (on right left Summer woo right on Crossroads, h den. ings. ry III wit Forest Valley, ch w/10 ceil !! Bradbu

ncord y Court, Cos to 68 FernwaGirdled Rd, go 2.0 mile t on


More pho

$79,900 MAKE THI S ONE Like new 3BR Tow YOURS nhouse with fresh pain t & carp tos & virt et thru-out ual tour www.K visit: aimTea RIC

PERTY! Outstanding Condo w/1 Cape Cod 3 BR car atta tos & virt ched Gar. ual tour www.K visit: aimTea ME




Yo ur Pro pe



Mike Ferg us Licen sed - Kaim Team s Auctione er

Cal l 440 .26 6.8 322 For a Lis t of Auc tio n Ho use s

rty with Us


$99,900 START HER E Charming and com updated 3 BR Ran pletely More pho tos & virt ch w/Deck ual tour www.K visit: aimTea


SMALL WONDER Quaint 2 BR Ranch updates w/many T/O, enc More phot losed Pati os www.K & virtual tour visit: o aimTea

$89,000 $169,900 STOP DR EAMING Stunning 3 in 2010 nes story Colonial buil t tled on More pho tos & virt wooded lot ual tour www.K visit: aimTea

ENING athtaking baths. Amazing GR AND OP s in this bre 2.5

and rades Holiday bckyd. Upg s, Enjoy the r plan w/3 BRs, den p wooded inet Great opennroom overlooks dee ctops, custom cab kage. dinette/su d & tiled rs, granite te trim pac galore: hdw ed bsmt, exquisiyour new home. nish e l, plet SS app scaping com Deck & land

More pho

e Twp. , Painesvill nde Dr. ra G eer la on il cti V Au , 0 150 FERS NOW! Mike Fergus IT YOUR OF !

$299,900 www.20th 0-223-2733 25-8321, 44 Sales: 440-7

1-5 1-4, Sunday : Saturday Model Hrs

$89,900 ONE OW NER HO Sprawling ME updated 3 massive Lower Lev BR Ranch, tos & virt el Rec. Rm ual tour www.K visit: aimTea


More pho



$134,900 OPPORTU NITY PRI Awesom CED e 1,500 SF Bungalo w/sunken w More pho Family Rm add tos & virt ition ual tour www.K visit: aimTea

$159,900 ACT Spectacular NOW Ranch w/a , updated 3 BR bove gro und Poo tos & virt l ual tour visit www.K : aimTea CLEV





More pho

BM use , SHOW & SU ilt Dream Ho DY STARTED r YMCA custom bu e views me ces HAS ALREA Eri AUCTION s come true - the for n & stunning Lake inless steel applian Your Dream 00 SF open oor plaartz countertops & sta Room at Gre d 4,0 replace lte qu Dynamic chefs Kitchen with ens to vau oors & see-thru gas Master Bath op e lac rep ood luxurious Gourmet om with see-thru dows, hardw a closets & Hearth Ro boasting wall of win 2 walk-in Californi with Wet Bar Great Roomt Owners Suite oers nic Lake Erie Views Bidrea by lliard Room Room & dio with sce Magnicen dia Stu Me s ists Dick. ast Art r by Timothy Third oo nished lower level bogrades throughoutca am Dre CA Fantastic h tons of extras & up sign of The 2010 YM Loaded wit l Illustration and ura e m Bid Pric Architect yfrankdickoriginals ded Minimu www.timoth is Recommen
* List Price



PERTY! Outstanding 2 story Fam 5BR Colonial ily Roo tos & virt m w/frpl ual tour www.K visit: aimTea



$349,900 $189,900 A HAPPY HOME Beautiful 3 BR Ran ch w/all the extras, hug loaded e Deck tos & virt ual tour www.K visit: aimTea

Outstanding PROPERTY! end unit Condo in 3 BR More pho fantastic commun tos & virt ity ual tour www.K visit: aimTea RIC


$199,900 $89,900 SITTING PRETTY Super 3 BR improvemenColonial w/major ts thro tos & virt ugh-out ual tour www.K visit: aimTea RIC
More pho



More pho


$129,900 AUCTION Outstanding PROPERTY! 3 BR Cap e Cod Condo w/f ull More pho tos & virt BSMT ual tour www.K visit: aimTea


More pho


$169,900 HOW FAS T Spacious CAN YOU MOVE 4 BR Colo Rec. Roo m, 4 sea nial w/LL son Sunroo tos & virt m ual tour www.K visit: aimTea


More pho

$224,900 THE AFF ORDABLE Stunning DREAM like loaded with new 4 BR home all the extr as! tos & virt ual tour www.K visit: aimTea


Home Buy This

& Ill Buy

EED! UARANT Yours....G


0 YMCA Is The 201 r use Builde Dream Ho

440-537 Brady SecreTwp. Painesville$129,900. 8/19/2011 -2332

BR Ranch m The Nature in Pricing fro nhome More pho Pre tos & virt serve ch and Tow front pavilions ual tour www.K Beautiful Ran visit: aimTea ate beach, lake g. on Rt. Condos. Priv maintenance livin n right. Left Low sery Rd. Tur and parks. Nur t por 2, Exit Fair East on Rt. on, left on Lake Rd. 20, left on Bac $384,900 A HAND CRA To be buil FTED HOME t3 $389,900 A HAND CRAFTE D HOME To be buil t 4 BR The Nature Colonial in Preserve More phot os www.K & virtual tour visit: aimTea


HANDCR Personaliz AFTED HO ed hom MES quality. Bac es built with cari ng hands ked by mor and inna e than 25 te sen CONCOR years of experience se for D . CONCOR D

Unbelievab PROPERTY! le Private 7,00 Opportunity! 0 SF Esta More phot os te www.K & virtual tour visit: aimTea




More pho

PER Amazing Value! Qua TY! 6,000 SF lity built home on tos & virt 3.9 acres ual tour www.K visit: aimTea



$399,900 $399,900 AUCTION Spectacular PROPERTY! custom buil t 4BR Colonial w/3,282 More phot SF os & virtu al tour visit: www.K aimTea




Michael Ka


-0404 440-974


ilt-ho www.probu

$1, 285 $34 ,00 9,9 0 00 MILLIO NA Exquisite, RES HIDEAW AY custom buil t 9,000SF Mediterran ean style More phot home os & virtu al tour visit: www.K aimTea

$59 $17 9,9 9,9 00 00 AUCTION Pillared bric PROPERTY! k 6 BR Geo rgian Colonial w/5,671 More phot SF os www.K & virtual tour visit: aimTea

Bu y On e Of Ou r Lis tin gs & We ll Bu y Yo ur

Ho me

Results Toll Free 855-974-0404


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Operators Schedule Showings

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Generate Showing Reports

Complete record of everyone that has scheduled & shown your listing

Provide Feedback of Your Listing

Multiple feedback requests sent immediately to agent after a showing for instant feedback sent right to your email

Listing Presentation Reports How many times your property appears in a buyer search On-line database of all listed properties Create maximum exposure of your listings to Real Estate professionals and their buyers Directly links your listing to buyers looking for specific criteria Bi-Monthly emails detailing activity in your neighborhood 14 Toll Free 855-974-0404

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We were very apprehensive to Auction our home, however, Mike produced an offer $33,000 higher than what we received using traditional methods! Try the Progressive Reserve Auction it works!
Ken & Linda Orlowe

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Sold in 7 9 s Day Prev. Liste d 58 7 Da ys



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Ken & Linda O rlowe


11:46 A

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
4 ld in ay 7D s

List Price: 299,900 Sale Price: 375,000

Prev. Liste d 53

Fairport Harbor, OH
1 ld in 1 ay 8D s

List Price: 299,900 Sale Price: 370,000

Prev. Liste d 71 in Sold D 51 ays Prev. Liste d 19 02 D


8 Da



1 Da



Richeld, OH
9 in 7 Day s

List Price: 249,900 Sale Price: 285,000

Prev. Liste d 47

Hiram, OH
66 in 1 Day s

List Price: 279,900 Sale Price: 305,000

Prev. Liste d 54

Munson, OH
7 in 4 Day s

List Price: 399,900 Sale Price: 435,000

Prev. Liste


3 Da



8 Da



d 81

1 Da


Norton, OH

List Price: 119,900 Sale Price: 170,000

Perry, OH

List Price: 149,900 Sale Price: 205,000

Orange, OH

List Price: 349,900 Sale Price: 373,000 Toll Free 855-974-0404


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The Michael Kaim Team has over 40 years of experience finding tenants for our rental properties, as well as for our clients. Let us rent your property today.

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Need a fast sale for an inherited property? The Michael Kaim Team has experience selling these properties and will guide you through probate. We can also make a CASH offer. Set an appointment today.

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The Michael Kaim Team has team members that specialize in REO Real Estate Owned properties by Banks and Corporations. We represent multiple bank owned properties and can provide you with a list of our investment opportunities.
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Short Sale Division

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In Foreclosure Estate Sales Homes that fail to sell with other agents Short Sales Bankruptcy Michael Kaim also buys homes for CASH and may give you a CASH offer. Call today to set an appointment.

Carl Jonke I cant tell you how many sleepless nights Ive had, Jonke said. I wake up saying, I owe half a million dollars. It was supposed to be a quick money-making deal. Instead, it ended up becoming a prolonged, money-losing one. BUT Michael got the bank to forgive Jonke about $200,000, and he is close to completing a short sale an agreement he deems phenomenal and one that saved him from foreclosure.

(Reprinted from the News Herald)*

Cheryl Frankina It was a very stressful time, probably one of the most difcult things Ive ever gone through, said Frankina, who reached a short-sale agreement and left her former property in June. (Short sales) are a way out for people who have no release, she said, Its a huge relief.
(Reprinted from the News Herald)

The Michael Kaim Team has over 10 years experience with short sales and has one of N.E. Ohios leading short sale teams.

If youre considering a Short Sale call us TODAY!

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Sell Your Home With Prudential Select Properties


Put Prudential Relocation (Brookeld Global Relocation) the worlds 2nd largest Relocation network to work for you helping move top Executives, corporate clients, Athletes, Doctors and some of the biggest names in cleveland! Toll Free 855-974-0404



Ken and Linda had their Lake Erie front home for sale with Michael using traditional methods of selling for 10 months asking $499,900. In that time they generated over 40 showings on the home and 3 offers. Their highest offer was $417,000. Getting frustrated with the low ball offers they wanted a little more aggressive approach so they looked to Michael for some advice. Michael had just launched his AUCTION division and wanted to use this sales approach to generate multiple offers and sell the home quickly. When he listed the home at the starting bid price of $399,900 he generated 12 showings and an acceptable offer of $450,000 within 3 weeks. We were very apprehensive to Auction our home, however, Michael produced an offer $33,000 more than using the traditional route, try the Progressive Auction it works! Ken and Linda Orlowe

Dear Michael Kaim, I am writing to tell you about the excellent job you did in selling our home located at 8715 Johnnycake Ridge Road, Mentor, Ohio. We had tried to sell it a few years ago with no success, all we got were comments that it was on a busy main road and next to a gas station, so to our disappointment we lost the home we wanted to buy. Last fall we purchased a new home and this spring listed our present home again only to hear the same comments. We were on our second realtor when he added to the list of reasons people would not want to buy our house, the school levy, which was to be voted on, we owned the house no one wanted. Then I remembered the letter that you mailed us that stated that our home should have sold in the first 30 days of listing and I wondered why it did not. I gave you a call and after listening to your plan for marketing our home, we cancelled our listing with the real estate company we were listed with and listed with you. Thank you for not saying we lived on a busy main highway, and next to a gas station and for not mentioning the school levy, we loved our location and hoped someone else would too. You are a true professional realtor. My husband and I were impressed with your extensive experience and marketing skills, a true asset for a well dressed polished professional. I am truly glad I saved your letter, you came to our rescue and saved us the expense of owning two homes for any longer than possible. Three days after listing our home, you produced a contract and a sold sigh in my front yard. Michael you are a miracle worker, you did in three days what was impossible for four other realtors to do and you did it in an extremely professional and courteous way. You are a highly qualified professional realtor who can get the job done and we will highly recommend you. Thank you, we really appreciate all your good efforts. Sincerely, Barbara Boczek
Our home sold very fast (11 days) and for premium dollar! Michael brought 2 offers within the first two weeks on the market and sold it for $3,000 over the asking price. It was the highest sale on the Street - record breaking sale price! Terry Wright

Dear Michael, I really appreciate all the help during these past few months to move along the sale of my properties. It has been a challenge getting through the nancial dealings to the loss of my husband, but with your help, it made the tasks much easier. I cant say enough about your team, especially Denise, Missy, Hannah and Jason. They were always available when I had questions or needed help. You may recall our initial conversation, where I mentioned that at this point in my life, I just wanted to simplify things and just enjoy life. Well, I think weve gotten over that hurdle and Im on my way! Please accept this gift basket as a token of my appreciation. I wish you many happy, peaceful and fullling years ahead. Sincerely, Cynthia Millonzi

22 Toll Free 855-974-0404


Dear Michael Kaim and Team, I am writing a letter in regards to the sale of our home on Johnnycake Ridge Road in Concord. Joe and I found the home of our dreams. We purchased our new hone and put our old home for sale through a small realty company. Our home did not sell during the time of our contract with the other realtor. The day after our contract had expired, I received a phone call from Michael Kaim asking to have us interview him and hire him to sell our home. After so much discouragement over the previous realtor, my husband and I decided to put our home up For Sale by Owner. However, everyday Michael was calling the house, very politely, and asking us to just give him a few minutes and interview him. After about 4 weeks of us trying to sell our home on our own, my husband and I decided to go ahead and interview Michael. When I called Michael that day, we made an appointment to come over to the house and talk with him. During this time, Michael explained his selling strategies, and how he and his team could sell our home. He showed us articles from local newspapers on how he could sell the unsellable home. He was positive, and extremely professional during his presentation. Even though we did not sign with Michael that day, he called daily to follow-up to see if we had made a decision. After about one week, Joe and I decided to sign with Michael. On the day we signed the contract, he assured us of his work. Michael said, I guarantee my work. Michael contacted my husband on any activity on the house. Finally after about 90 days, we got the bite we were looking for. We had an offer! On the evening the offer came across, and Michael had a signed contract from the new owner, Michael rushed over at 9:30 p.m. to have us sign. That showed me that he denitely goes above and beyond his call of duty. Four weeks later and many phone calls to Joe, our house that we had been trying to sell for 8 months nally closed, and the day I saw the SOLD sign up will forever be one of my most memorable days! Michael and his staff worked diligently to make sure that we were happy and also that the new owners were satised. I want to thank Michael Kaim and his entire team of supportive staff at Prudential Select Properties for all of their hard work and dedication. Each and every time I called, which was quite often, they all treated me very professionally and it seemed to me like we were their only client. They all took the time to answer any questions we had along the way, and for that I commend the entire team. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in making the sale of our home a very pleasant experience. I will be sure to refer The Michael Kaim Team in the future. Sincerely, Joe and Ronnie DeMarco

My Lakefront Condominium was a second home for me and I needed it sold while I resided in Florida. Michael was able to sell my home for $28,000 more than any other home in the entire Harbor Towne Subdivision. I netted $5,000 more than what I expected from the sale of my property! Great job!! Charles Hall

Dear Michael, Tina & Team: We just wanted to thank you all so very much for all your hard work and dedication. It was truly a pleasure working with the Michael Kaim Team. We only wish we would have contacted you rst when putting our house on the market. We are so impressed with the way you handle everything. When you do something, you do it RIGHT! We will denitely be dealing with you again when we sell our current home. Again - thanks for everything!

David, Sherry, Jordan & Alexandria Greer

Dear Michael, We wanted you to know what a positive experience we had selling our home with your team. You are aware of the terrible experience we had with other realtors, so we were somewhat apprehensive this time around. Everyone on your team (especially you and Tina) were courteous and knowledgeable. Once again, thank you. You and your team certainly know the meaning of customer service. Sincerely Karen & John Sarosy Toll Free 855-974-0404


Michael Kaim
Michael Kaim was honored with the highly prized Pinnacle Award by the Ohio Association of REALTORS in 2004. His is a story that begins at home. Imagine growing up in a family where dad broker/ agent was the top agent in Ohio with the top real of the month estate firm. That was the scenario for Michael, our May 2005 BROKER AGENT Magazine cover story Agent of the Month, in Cleveland, Ohio. Michaels passion for the real estate business began at a very early age. His father was in the real estate business with the R.A. Gall Company during the 1960s when his father, Frank Kaim, was the number one agent with the R.A. Gall Company,the top real estate firm in Ohio. Frank Kaim later moved to Pena Realty - Gallery of Homes, to manage the Mentor office which he quickly propelled from last place in the Gallery of Homes organization to the number one revenue producing office. In 1975, Frank and Michaels mother, Jane Kaim, opened the first Century 21 office in Northern Ohio and quickly propelled it into being the number one agency in the state and the number 10 Century 21 real estate agency in the country. Real estate was to be Michaels destiny from those early years, growing up in one of the top real estate families in Northern Ohio. Even now, he still recalls the special days when his father would take him to Sheriffs auctions, where he would place Michael on his shoulders to let him raise his hand to signal his fathers bid. As the years swept by, his mom and dad continued their success story in real estate, and Michaels dreams began to evolve into the determination that soon, he too could become a top producer in the industry. Fresh out of college with a degree in Business Marketing and a real estate agent license in his pocket, Michael attended a real estate seminar in Chicago where he met Carlos Justo, a Miami, Florida REALTOR* that many refer to as the Icon of Luxury Home Sales. Carlos had an average per

An Extraordinary Success Story

unit sales price of more than $4 million. Many of the homes Carlos sold were the properties of Hollywood stars, professional sports personalities and business tycoons. Michael recalls that his pulse was pounding as he thought of himself trying to list and sell million dollar homes for someone in the entertainment industry or for a well known business personality. But he was sure of one thing; thats what he wanted to do. He wanted to be the best Realtor he could be and to do that meant working with the best real estate agents he could find. At the conclusion of the seminar, Michael rushed forward to meet Carlos and appeal to him for an opportunity to join his team and learn first hand how to sell real estate at prices most agents only dream about. Michael isnt sure if it was his rabid enthusiasm or sheer audacity that caught the attention of Carlos, but four months later, Michael left the Cleveland area to join Carlos Justo in Miami, Florida. It was an experience that most REALTORS* would consider the opportunity of a lifetime; working with one of the nations top real estate agents as he skillfully applied his professional knowledge to the challenging demands of some of the richest, most famous people from around the world. After two years of watching, learning and working with his mentor, Michael was anxious to return home and put into action the many ideas he had garnered working in the Miami marketplace. When asked by Carlos what he had learned over the past two years, Michael thought about it for a few moments and responded, Good customer service is crucial to continued success. Knowledge of the real estate business is also essential. Understanding the marketplace and the factors that inuence buying and selling conditions are also very important. Above all, an agent needs to spend most of their time doing the things that can make them the most money, which is listing and selling real estate. Michaels mentor smiled and said


Very good! And now its time for you to do those things for yourself and I wish you well. In late March 2002 after training and selling in Miami, Michael moved back to Cleveland to start his own real estate team, once more joining his father in the transition from Century 21 to Prudential Select Properties. By May of that year, he had reactivated his Ohio real estate license and started selling once again in his hometown of Mentor. He began with the basics and hit the streets by knocking on doors and contacting "For Sale By Owner" and expired listings. By July 2002, Michael was recognized as the top listing agent in the Mentor office. By August 2002, with more than 20 homes in his listing inventory, Michael partnered with his sister, Tina Hivnor, a licensed agent with 15 years experience. Together, they managed the listing inventory and followed up on closing the sales transactions. By establishing a partnership, Michael found he had more time to focus on listing and selling. In September, Michael and Tina expanded the team by hiring buyer agents who specialized in buyer representation. The addition to the team helped with the overflow of buyer calls from the extensive amount of advertising and promotion. As sales increased, Cindy Sorgen was hired as the Team Assistant and Listing Manager. Cindy had a real estate background, and she was a great addition to the team, and contributed greatly. Cindy's contribution to the team gave Tina additional focus as the Closing Coordinator and Team Manager. By year end, Michael and his team were positioned as the #8 top producers in the company, a high achievement after only eight months of active selling. In 2003, Michael's first full year in the Cleveland market began in full swing. Michael expanded his team again in July 2003 as Jason Hadad, followed by Jennifer Hart, joined the team as Sales Partners. In early spring '03, the Michael Kaim Team was a leading office producer in listings and sales. By the end of 2003, Michael and his team had accomplished what few others had accomplished in such a short period of time. His team had listed 111 properties and sold nearly 80 properties. This accomplishment put them over $12 million in home sales and over $20 million in listings volume. Michael and his team completed 2003 by being honored with nearly every Prudential Select Properties (a firm with over 250 REALTORS) award: #1 Company Wide Team Leader In Sold Volume, Sold Units, Listing Volume & Listing Units, and Office Team Leader in Sales & Listing Volume.

In their second full year, Michael's team has become an industry leader in Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga counties. In April 2004, Michael's mother Jane joined his team along with fellow John Carroll University graduate and good friend Matthew Canzone also joining the team as Sales Partners. Katie Runyon joined the team to handle the Marketing and Advertising responsibilities and in short order, they set a company sales record for a single month with 33 sales and over $6 million in volume. The Michael Kaim Team had a banner year in 2004! The Team hit another sales record for most units sold for the month of September by selling 27 homes and over $5 million in volume. By year end, the Team hit an all-time record for most units and volume sold in one year. A whopping 173 properties were sold, reaching $32,969,098 in sales volume! From 2005 to present, the Team has averaged over 225 home sales per year, and is ranked as the number one Prudential Real Estate Team in Ohio, selling over 300 homes in 2011 and over 400 in 2012. The Ohio Association of REALTORS* President's Sales Club I have a has awarded Michael "The simple success Pinnacle of Performance" the formula - We top award in their program. offer the areas Prudential Corporate awarded most aggressive the Team "The Chairman's marketing plan Circle Diamond," the highest company achievement. combined with Prudential Corporate also outstanding awarded them the very customer service. exclusive award of "TOP OF We will do THE ROCK," given to only the whatever it takes top REALTORS in the company to get your (of 58,000 REALTORS ) in each region. home SOLD!

Michael Toll Free 855-974-0404


A Name You Can Trust

From the Quality of the Prudential Real Estate brand to the Strength of our marketing,

to the Depth of our resources and our progressive technology,

Prudential Select Properties delivers Superior Value to consumers every day. Professionals you can rely on
When a consumer is considering buying or selling a home, potentially the largest financial commitment and most important investment in their life, there are no more powerful and important words than reliability and trust. As a Prudential Select Properties Real Estate sales professional, we carry this responsibility and commitment with you day in and day out it is what separates Prudential Select Properties from other real estate organizations. When we place our yard sign at a listing or present our business card to a buyer, we are representing an organization that consistently strives to provide the most effective home buying and selling experience possible. Being part of a company that is committed to quality and service above all else, with a name you can trust and professionals you can rely on, makes sense now more than ever.

2003-2011 Prudential Financial, Inc. and its related entities. Prudential Real Estate brokerage services are offered through the independently owned and operated franchisees of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., a Prudential Financial company. Prudential, the Prudential logo and the Rock symbol are registered service marks of Prudential Financial, Inc. and its related entities, used under license. Equal Housing Opportunity

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y family has been selling real estate in Northeast Ohio for nearly 50 years, and we work hard to make our customers feel they are a part of our family. At the end of the day, that is why I sell real estate. Building these relationships through selling real estate denes me as a person. What I do affords me the opportunity to become invested in helping my clients reach their goals, and ultimately, that is all I could hope for from my life and career. Whether I am helping a family sell their estate, nding a rst time buyer a home, making sure a couple avoids foreclosure, or selling a property for a family that feels hopeless after ve years of trying to sell without success... Everyday is a new opportunity for me to make a difference in someones life. For me, happiness not only comes from simply servicing my clients needs, it comes through making my clients feel like family and their house a home. Were The Michael Kaim Team...and we would like to interview for the job of being your Realtor! Toll Free 855-974-0404


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Enterprise Title Agency, Inc., with corporate headquarters in Painesville, Ohio, is a full service real estate title insurance and escrow closing company. We offer a wide range of services including:
Title examinations Issuance of owners and lenders title insurance policies Property profiles including legal descriptions Escrow/closing services Relocation management and coordination.
Serviing Lake, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Ashtabula, Summit, Medina, Portage and Lorain. We service both the residential and commercial real estate markets.

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We were very apprehensive to Auction our home, however, Michael produced an offer $33,000 higher than what we received using traditional methods! Try the Progressive Auction it works!

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