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TISS 2009

The exam had two parts Part I was common for all the programs and Part II was program
Part I
Structure of the exam:

Section wise analysis
Analytical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability

Verbal and Logical Ability

General Awareness
The 15 questions in this section were extremely simple. Anyone who reads the news paper or
watches the news regularly should be able to answer all of them without much difficulty.

Part II - HRM&LR
Structure of the Exam:

Data Interpretation
There were three caselets in this section of 5 questions each. Approximately 7 to 8 questions in
this section could be solved easily by observation. The last case let was calculation based.
Data Sufficiency
This was the simplest section. Out of 15, a minimum of 12 questions could be easily solved
without calculations.
Reading Comprehension
This section was the lengthiest section. The first RC had 10 questions but was 3 ½ sides long.
The second RC was 1 ½ sides long, had 6 questions and was a must attempt.
Business Knowledge
This section consisted of questions relating to common business taglines, terms/business laws,
acquisitions, etc.
Social, Economic and Management Fundamentals
This section needed one to possess knowledge of several management and economic theories
and concepts like Transactional Analysis, I- theory, ‘525’ theory, Master Status,
Bourgeoisie/Proletariat etc.

Good Score:
Part I: 35 questions correct
Part II: 40 - 42 questions correct