Airtel Hack For Free Internet Access All you need to have is –>PC –>Serial/USB cable/Bluetooth

dongle –>Any Browser(I suggest Opera as we can browse both wap and other sites) Follow These Steps: —>Activate Airtel Live sending a message MASALA Active to 121 —>Create a profile with the following settings in your data account under Data Communication GATEWAY : APN : USERNAME : blank PASSWORD : blank PASS REQ : OFF ALLOW CALLS : AUTOMATIC IPADDRESS : DNSADDRESS : DATA COMP : OFF HEADER COMP : OFF and then Under INTERNET PROFILES, INTERNET MODE : HTTP or WAP (both works) USE PROXY : YES IP ADDRESS : PORT : 8080 USERNAME : PASSWORD : –>Create a new dial-up connection on your pc after connecting the mobile to pc,using the NEW CONNECTION WIZARD as follows ISP Name : Anyname Phone Number : *99***1# Username and Password : blank –>Configure your browser to use the proxy and port 8080. –>Connect to the dial-up account. You will be connected at 115.2kbps —>Now if you try to access any site on your mobile you ll get an error message like “Access Denied” —>Open your browser, and start browsing and voila it opens the regular sites and if u beleive ull get a d/l speed of 5-6 kbps Common Errors: If you are getting any error wile dialing a dial up connection than go to

Control panel>> Phone and modem>>>select modem and click on its properties >>advanced and enter the following initialization commands CODE AT+CGDCONT=2, “IP”,””,”",0,0 Now it should be connected without any error......!

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