Rhys Walsh Risk Assessment Risk Car Garage Camera Filming in car Equipment Who is at Risk?

Crew and actors Crew and actors Crew Crew Crew and actors Hazard Getting hit by car Hit by falling objects Dropping the camera Dropping camera and breaking it Dropping equipment and injuring others Not being finished on time Being Dark or not enough light Could be raining and damage equipment Public could be in way of camera May not be allowed to film at premises Risk (High, Medium or low) High Medium Medium Medium High How to prevent it Do not step in front of moving car Move carefully inside the garage Hold camera firmly Hold camera firmly Be careful with the equipment Make a schedule of when to do things Take lights with such as torch or lamp Take umbrella to cover equipment Inform public that we are filming Send a letter of permission to the facility


Crew and actors






Crew and actors


Public Public

Crew and actors Crew and actors

Low Medium

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