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Gabrielle Ramirez BUS 115, Section 01 March 27, 2012 Business Field Essay Business is a very broad occupation,

with plenty of opportunities. The school of management, at The University of Michigan-Flint, offers six subsets of business: accounting, finance, general business, international business, management and marketing. It is a hard decision for students to makes sometimes what concentration to choose. I am more interested in focusing on management and the roles that a manager takes. Management is very broad, in my research I found many options that an individual could take after earning their degree in business management. In general a manager formulates policies, manages daily operations, plans, directs and coordinates. A manager could be in charge of a clothing store, or be a chief executive officer of a corporation. Management has many options and is an available occupation for many knowledgeable individuals. Management is not only just one person in charge, but it can also involve a group of managers that come together to make decisions, such as a board of directors. I looked up the job outlook for a business manager and the outlook looks positive, there is a rise in percentage and the number is growing. Even though the economy is not at its best, managers and business occupations are still at a comfortable rate. General managers are most prevalent in higher populated areas, such as California which holds 226,480 general managers. Other states, on the west coast in particular, have high numbers of managerial jobs, states on the east coast of the United States as well. The reason for this is, many companies are going international and want a location that is easy for them to ship goods as well as conduct other business activities with other nations. On the coast

those companies have easier access to shipping items and conduct business. Our state of Michigan did not have a very good job outlook for business management positions, but Michigan was not the lowest. Other states that are in the middle of the United States show far lower numbers in all aspects of business opportunity occupations. There are many concentrations in the field of business management, a few concentrations would include: human resource management, general management, sales management, service and social management and financial management. There are several other subsets of the business with the concentration of management, which is why this field is so diverse and full of opportunity. A business degree tells employers that as an individual you are knowledgeable and competent to organize, lead, and decipher information. A few subsets of business management that I am interested in are human resource management and public relations management. These occupations appeal to me because they deal with people, I am not a person that wants to be working by myself all the time. I enjoy collaboration and I also would really enjoy helping others in the process. A human resource manager is a selective job and do not make up a lot of the work force, compared to a general manager. A public relations manager also looks negative as far as job outlook, these jobs would need to be attained with experience. Sales management is another occupation that can be rewarding and also requires people skills. Sales managers can work in retail stores as well as automotive sales. Sales managers, like the other manager positions, organize, lead, plan and control. There are employees underneath them that look up to them for guidance and support. A manager in any field has to have patience, people skills, organizing skills and they must be able to reach objective that are set forth by the company.

Managers are similar to other fields of business because it takes a manager to lead. There is always someone that needs to be in charge and accountable for the actions of the company. A manager has aspects of the other concentrations in business. Finance and accounting are needed in management, a manager may deal with money and a budget and they need to be knowledgeable of finance principles. Marketing is also a part of a managers job, not all but some managers need to find innovative ways to advertise their company. In some large companies there are specific individuals that just deal with marketing, but in sales management and other small business companies, marketing is up to the person or people in charge. Business as a whole would not be the same without managers, because it gives a company structure and also authority. The hierarchy of employees needs to be led by a manager so that the company remains achieving goals set forth by the company. This area of business is of special interest to me and my future because all my life I wanted to help people. It did not matter what my occupation was all I wanted to do was make a positive impact in someones life. As a manager I would be in a state of power and my voice would be heard a lot more than a minimum wage worker. I would like to work up the business ladder and work for a non-profit organization, so that I can be in direct power of decision making. I realize that jobs are scarce, but I will gain experience as a manager in sales managing, finance, any other subset so that I can get into. My future is whatever I want it to be, it takes drive and experience to get to the ultimate goal of success, but success for me is loving to go to work every day and make enough money to support myself and one day a family.

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