I, Sasha Moser, am creating this document to establish a happier, more prosperous, and extraordinary life.

Section 1 I shall have the right to pick my favorite flavor of ice cream, every time my family goes grocery shopping. Section 2 I shall not be forced to make my bed in a morning, unless I want to. Section 3 I shall be free of any chores, regardless of how small and easy they are. Section 4 I shall not be held responsible for anything that happens in the house. If I do something wrong, someone else shall be held accountable for my mistakes. Section 5 I shall not be made to go sleep at ten. I shall go to bed at whatever time I wish to. That way I won’t be tired in the morning. Section 6 I shall have the freedom from homework, because homework ages me faster. Section 7 I shall never be grounded for any reason. Section 8 I shall not be governed by anyone in my family. Section 9 I shall have the freedom to eat any kind of junk food I want, and shall not be told to eat healthy, unless I want to. Section 10 I shall have the right to enforce all this rules described above, without anyones permision.

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