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Category D: Guidance My sample for Guidance category is how I have implemented The Wisconsin Pyramid Model (C !"!

#$ to enhance guidance practices% I chose it as the &est e'ample of my wor( &ecause I understand that children)s &ehavior is a way of communicating and has a meaning% It demonstrates the (nowledge that I gained in C !"!# training and Infant* Toddler* and Caregiver course of the Infant Toddler Credential% I learned how to use Tuc(er the Turtle and that &ehaviors have meanings &ehind them% It shows a cultural sensitivity* anti+&ias perspective &ecause I am &uilding relationships with the children and their parents% I create a positive atmosphere and sensitive to the families) culture and the families) &eliefs%

Michele ,es(e Category D: Guidance

-ow I incorporate the C !"!# content to the wor( I do with young children I esta&lish relationships with the children and &uild trust% We also create a safe and secure atmosphere &y la&eling shelves and containers for an organi.ed and uncluttered classroom% I also created a safe environment for the infants% I learned that children reflect us% I try to la&el my feelings and show facial e'pressions for all of my feelings e'% happy* sad* mad* scared and confused% It is important to help children identify their feelings and help them e'press their feelings in appropriate ways% I am wor(ing on ma(ing a picture &oo( of real people with facial e'pressions to help children to identify their feelings% I can also read &oo(s and play music that will help teach social emotions% I feel that if I read Tuc(er Turtle Ta(es Time to Tuc( and Thin( &oo( and use a Tuc(er Turtle hand puppet to help practice the Tuc(er Turtle Techni/ues% I use sign language in the classroom to help communication% I use the signs 0Please1* 0Than( you1* 0 top1* 0More1 0-appy1 and 0Drin(1% I feel that this helps an infant tell me what they want instead of screaming% I give a lot of hugs and praise to the children% I promote friendship s(ills &y modeling &y interacting with each other% I also stic( with consistent routines and have positives relationships with the children and parents% I also feel that teachers need to allow children to engage in play and help them pro&lem solve and let them do things for themselves% !ven though the children are only 2 months to 3 year old* I use a lot of the C !"!# content and gear it for the infants% I can create a wonderful learning e'perience for young children% I always wanted to help children in someway% I feel that &eing the &est teacher that I can &e and learn as much as I can so I can help these young children for their future%