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Two Main Types of Villains:

Old Fashioned Villains They are always causing trouble Though elements of their backstory may be sympathetic, their current actions and choices are rarely sympathetic They vary by intelligence, tenacity, and lack of morality
Taken from Joe Bunting, 2013

Anti-Villains Might have heroic goals, but their means are evil or they might have terrible goals, but will act ethically when achieving them Are often sympathetic or identifiable Are often aware that they are disliked, but often think they are doing what is right

Some Old Fashioned Villain Types

The Tyrant-Bully despot who ruthlessly conquers

The Devil-The charming fiend

The Traitor-Betrays those who trust him most The Evil Genius-The mastermind who creates elaborate puzzles to confuse his victims The Sadist-Enjoys violence and cruelty for the sake of violence and cruelty The Bastard-The dispossessed son
Types taken from Tami Cowden, 2011

Some Anti-Villain Types

The Terrorist-Serves a warped code of honor

The Outcast-The outsider who wants to belong

Types taken from Tami Cowden, 2011

Female Villain Types

The Femme Fatale- Uses her femininity in order to get what she wants and stops at nothing to get it The Backstabber-The two-faced friend The Lunatic-The madwoman The Matriarch-The motherly oppressor who controls the lives of those around her

Types taken from Tami Cowden, 2011