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The launch of Ariel by the Procter and Gamble Pakistan Introduction of Procter and Gamble: The founder Procter

and Gamble are William Procter and James Gamble. Before partnership William Procter had the business of making candles and James gamble had the business of soap. In 1937 partnership was signed between James Gamble and William Procter and they started business together with the name Procter and Gamble. Now Procter and Gamble has become the leading company of the World. The Procter and Gamble has 250 brands in 130 countries in all over the world. It has more than 106000 employees in all over the world. After the massive struggle of 140 it is therefore in rated in top 25 of fortune 500 companies of the world. They signed a joint venture contract with Pakistani company to start business in Pakistan. History of Ariel:Ariel was the first detergent introduced by Procter and Gamble in Pakistan. At the time of launching of Ariel the Procter and Gamble has to face many difficulties. Procter and gamble had also some other products in Pakistan but by the policy of growing it increased its circle of products and enter the market of detergents with Ariel Ariel was also launched in Egypt and it was a successful brand there and I took 6 year to make its place in the country and the situation of the country was same as the situation of Pakistan so keeping in mind that point of view Ariel should prve to be a good product in Pakistan also. Identification of the Problems: Assistant manager Tahir Malik had to face many problems which are the big hurdle in the way of launching of Ariel. For example they are confused that what should be the exact positioning for the launch of the brand. According to research high quality detergent was typically targeted in affluent classes because of this it was very important to position Ariel at required areas where its demand was highly targeted. There was the problem of packaging of Ariel. There was also the problem of price that what should be the price which is suitable for the customer. The people of Pakistan were mostly using cheap soaps in order to clean the clothes. Because of this it was very difficult for the people of Pakistan to use Ariel for washing the clothes. They were feeling comfortable in cheap soaps because they think that the quantity of soap is more and the price of soap is less. That was the key point of the progress of soap. Another problem was to identify the exact behavior of customer. The thinking of some people is quite negative about detergent. Some people thought that there was some chemicals in detergent which were dangerous for clothes. This misconception should be removed. There was also the lack of proper advertisement. A large majority of Pakistan was even ignorant about Ariel. Proper advertisement was the only way to change customers behavior and to prove that detergent was powerful to clean clothes as compared to any soap. Solution of the Problems: There should be free sample strategy in order to introduce Ariel in the elite classes in the various parts of Pakistan. Proper guidance should be given to uneducated people. The advantages of detergent should be shown at the front of the People of Pakistan through advertisement, so they should know about the detergent and about their process so they

automatically convert to detergent rather than soap. We should also decrease the price of our product polybags packaging and give some rebate on big SKUs. our product has all important ingredient such as surfactant, builder and enzymes so it is a complete package for laundry and consumer will not want any external supplement, while if they use soap they use external supplement for extra whiteness and shine. These things need an massive advertisement, so that consumer will know about our product and its advantages and would definitely buy it. Conclusion: The conclusion is occur that he should be launch the Ariel in small packing and less price in the beginning and when the goodwill of the company is situated in the hurt of the people then he may increase the price and equal there profit. The people of Pakistan are unfamiliar with use of the washing powder or detergent of Ariel so the right information reached the people is very important. And the situation of laundries is very bad he use only soaps for washing the clothes and he trust the soaps and not ready to change there soaps into the detergents of the due to high price and less quantity. So he needs a proper advertisement for the information of the people. He use less chemicals which is very costly and due to this chemicals the price of the Ariel is very high. He needs to present the demo or the practical example before the people so that the people trust them and use the Ariel. Before the launching he may create a research in which he know the culture of the people in which area in which he want so launch the Ariel of there product. He writes those ingredients which are easily consider of the people. So when he launch the Ariel with all the points in his mind and produce the small packing he found that his sale is increases in a sequence way. Because people buy or find those things who fill the need of the customer and affordable price. The Procter and Gamble making contract to the other companies and expand their business and launch so many products.