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Impersonal It and There Introduction In many kinds of English sentences, you will find the word it or the word

there in the subject position. These are usually impersonal sentences sentences where there is no natural subject. This introduction will help you to understand when to use it and when to use there. . Impersonal it !hen to use it E"amples Talking about weather# It$s raining. It$s cold. It was sunny yesterday. Identifying something# !ho is it% It$s me. !hat is it% It$s a cat. Talking about time# !hat time is it% It$s fi&e o$clock. !hat day is it% It$s Thursday. Talking about distance# 'ow far is it to Toronto% It$s ())) kilometres. *. Impersonal there Impersonal there is used to say that something e"ists in a particular place# +ingular# There is a book on the table. ,lural# There are three men in the car. E"ercises# .-------- fi&e miles from the station to my house. *.'ow many pages -------- in your grammar book% ..-------- two birds sitting in that tree. (.+omebody ate my apple/ !ho was --------% 0.This is cra1y/ -------- 2ugust, and the weather is still cold/ 3.!ho is that guy% -------- the mo&ie star, Tom 'anks% 4.'ow long did -------- take you to do your homework% 5.6on7t cry/ -------- no reason to be sad. 8.-------- any ice cream in the fridge% ).They cancelled the soccer match because -------- snowing. Impersonal 9It9 and 9There9 * This is a short te"t about :ictoria in the summer. ;omplete the te"t by typing in the spaces. +ome spaces need 9there is9, some need 9there are9, and some need 9it is9 or 9it7s9. ,ut the right phrase in each space. <y fa&ourite time of the year in :ictoria is the summer. =ight now, ---------- >uly, and ---------flowers e&erywhere. ---------- hot enough to wear shorts all the time, but not too hot. 6owntown, ---------- hundreds of tourists, but if you don7t like crowds, ---------- easy to get away. ---------- a beautiful park called ?eacon 'ill ,ark on the seashore, and ---------- only about one kilometre from downtown. @rom the park, ---------- a lo&ely &iew out to sea, and sometimes ---------- whales passing by.