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Music 422/ EE 367C Winter 2006/2007

Assignment #6 – Project Proposal

Due February 23, 2007

Class Project:
The class project is to build and tune an MDCT-based perceptual audio coder. We
recommend that students form groups of 2-3 students per group to work together on the

The project proposal should specify the members of the group and outline a work proposal
including motivations, methodology and goals. The final aim of the project is to provide a
“good sounding coder” at data rates at or below 128 kb/s/ch.

At the end of the course, each group will present their coder to the rest of the class. The
presentations should describe how each coder works, discuss some of the design choices
that were made, and let the class listen to a variety of sound examples that have been
encoded/decoded at various compression ratios using the group’s codec.

Please e-mail the proposal to

Reading Assignment:
Chapter 11 from the textbook, M. Bosi and R. E. Goldberg, “Introduction to Digital Audio
Coding and Standards”, KAP 2003.