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The Process of Culture Acculturation in Indonesia Accuturation is the merging process between local culture with foreign culture.

This process is done in order to make foreign culture can be accepted well by local society because the local culture isnt disappeared at all but it is only replaced by the existence of foreign culture. Acculturation is happened because there is interaction between local culture with the foreign culture. Foreign culture comes into almost society or whole society in a certain area. Cultural interaction is also happened when there is a certain group who comes into a certain area. Acculturation in INDONESIA is consist of some processes, they are: 1. Subtitution Subtitution is a process which changes traditional cultural element with modern cultural element which helps or facilitates a society or a certain group. 2. Sinkretism Sinkretism is a process which mix one culture with other culture and produces a new culture. 3. Addition Addition is a process of acculturation which fuses traditional culture with a modern culture. 4. Deculturation Deculturation is a process of acculturation which removes traditional culture and it is changed by modern culture. 5. Originalisation Originalisation is a process of a modern unknown culture which enters into a new society which cause a certain change in the structural life of society. 6. Rejection In this acculturation, society tends to reject the entering of new culture. Cultural Acculturation process depends on the society itself. Open society tends to receive and adapt the come of the foreign culture. On the other hand, reclusive society can not receive the existence of foreign culture because they think that it will destruct their structural life

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