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The Conservator of Wytham Woods Wytham Sawmill Office Keepers Hill Wytham Oxford 0X2 8QQ

For office use only:

Recd Authorn No Exps

Application for Permit for Wytham Woods

I wish to apply for a permit to enable me and my family to visit and walk in Wytham Woods.


I am/am not a member of Congregation (University members only).


My association with the University is :


I am a member of the General Public.


Period for which permit is required if less than 1 year

I agree to abide by the rules relating to visitors in the Woods. Title: Mr Mrs Miss Ms Prof Dr Sir Rev (other.) (delete as appropriate)

Initials Surname

University Dept./College Address Home Address Date Research Projects Applications for permission to carry out research projects should be made on Research application forms. Group Visits Applications for Group Visits should be made in writing to the Conservator giving as much notice as possible (at least two weeks).

Please note that permits last for 3 years. A map and copy of the Byelaws will be included. The permit covers the permit holder and 5 other walkers. Any group larger than this should contact the Conservator.