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%his con&ersation are between .prah (infrey #female$ and two families which are female and male #mi1$.

2. Verbal Communication - She talk to the audiences about the history of both family where is in a serious debt. - She got suprise for both family and just said that all their debt were paid in full. 3. Non-Verbal Communication - rom a smile she showed them that anything can be happen ama!ingly. - "ll members of both family was shocked #from their face expression$. - %hey feel relie&e from hugging each other. '. (ritten and Visual - "t that moment # when she told them all debt were paid in full$ on the screen behind) there was a picture of houses and words *paid in full+appear.

.1amples of this type of &erbal communication3 "esthetic communication# music) dance) theatre$) 5hysical communication# wink) touch) smell) salute) gesture$) Signs# signal flags or lights) horns$) Symbols# jewelry) cars) clothing$ 3.#same message with gestures) noises) body language) actions$. 2. %he Similarity and different of3 Verbal Communication 4.2.1amples of this type of &erbal communication3 speeches) face-to-face discussions) telephone con&ersations) &oicemail) tele&ision) radio) recorded books and seminars) &ideos Non-Verbal communication 4. 3. %he process of sending and recei&ing messages without using words) either spoken or written.%he act of e1pressing your thoughts with words 2. /essage sending and recei&ing direct from a person to a person. . /essage sending and recei&ing direct from a person to a person.#same message with words$ .

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