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Topic: Language – Singular and Plural Nouns (-s, -es, -ies) Contributor : Detdette

Directions: Draw a ring around the correct word to complete the sentence.

1. This is Gino. She 2. This is a dog. He It They loves bones. They He is very friendly.

3. This is Mrs. Mabasa. She He They is my favorite teacher.

4. These are Earl and Luigi. He It They are my classmates.

5. This is Ms. Reyes. He She They lives in Manila.

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These are Jack and Jill. Mr. ____________ are in the classroom. I 1. For Personal Use Only. ____________ love cars. . _____________ is our pet. Contributor : Detdette Directions: Write the correct word to complete the sentence.Name : ___________________________________________________ Topic: Language – Singular and Plural Nouns (-s. -es. 2. This is a cat. _____________ will feel better in the morning. ____________ are my friends. 5. If you sleep early. -ies) http://www.schoolkid. I am Diego.schoolkid. You We They It Copyright 2009 www. Reyes and I are reading. All Rights Reserved.

ph All Rights Reserved. Darth Vader has a lot of droids. It. She. We watch the movie on weekends. Example: Darth Vader is the father of Luke.schoolkid. We on the blank. My brother and I always watch Star Wars. I. They. You. 2. For Personal Use Only. He is bad.Name : ___________________________________________________ Topic: Language – Pronouns : He. We http://www. ________________ name is Princess Lea. ________________ are strong. 3. 1. 4. They. Luke also has a sister. Copyright 2008 www. I. ________________ is hardworking. 5.schoolkid. Luke practices his saber everyday. ________________ is exciting. Contributor: med_mom Direction: Read the sentences. It. . You. Write He . ________________ love that movie.

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