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Lesson Plan 1

Lesson Plan 2

What will the students entering this lesson already know about the topic?

The students will already know the value of notes and rests. Students will already know simple addition steps.

Students will already know the value of notes and rests. Students will understand adding note values together and time signature. Formal Assessment: Students will write a rhythmic passage in 4/4 time on a pumpkin cut out and turn it in. This was chosen to see who understands time signature and the value of notes and rests. The same accommodations are used as previously stated.

What type of assessment was chosen? Why?

Informal Assessment. Through observing I am able to gauge who understands the concept and who does not.

How were the specific differentiated activities needed to adapt/accommodate for individual learning needs for the Whole Class, Subgroup, and Focus Students determined?

For Student B he needs lots of repetitions to understand a concept. Student A the activities need to be interesting and engaging. Focus students need the activity to be engaging and need lots of repetition. Whole Class needs visuals. They seem to learn best when they have a visual to look at.

Student A and B will also receive one on one time with myself or the cooperating teacher to help complete the assignment.

Why was the specific reading strategy(ies) identified in the plan chosen?


The students are working on vocabulary and matching the vocabulary words to the appropriate note symbol and value. Students are applying previous knowledge to a new concept.

How was critical thinking, problem solving, and higher level addressed thinking in

Students are using their basic math symbols and applying them to symbols. This is touching on simple

the lesson plans?

algebraic equations and working on solving them. N/A N/A

How does the technology utilized enhance student learning? Discuss specific classroom routines and procedures that will be in place with this lesson to maximize instructional time.

We use the CHAMPS Expectations. Music classroom CHAMPS entail that the students remain at a Level 0 (no talking) during teacher instruction and Level 1 (whispering) during transitions and independent work. There will be a relay race where each student will be given the opportunity to solve music math questions. Students will also be physically and verbally read rhythms as a class. Teacher centered: for instructions of the game and examples of music math.

Same as previously stated.

How will the active and equitable participation of all students during this lesson be ensured?

Students will play the vocabulary swat game, so every student has a chance to answer a question. There will be lots of repetition of terms to help with their memory.

How does the lesson demonstrate teachercentered and studentcentered instructional strategies?

Teacher Centered: for instructions and example of the pumpkin.

Student centered: when the students are solving the problems on the board by themselves.

Student Centered: Creating the pumpkin