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Soil Poisoning * PREMISE 200 SC Termiticide Integral Waterproofing Admixture * MICROTITE CE*LRW * 3CC System (Hydrophobic Pore-Blocking Ingredient

(HPI) Expanding Concrete Joint Waterstop * WATERSTOP-RX Masonry Works * LAFARGE REPUBLIC PORTLAND PLUS General Construction * LAFARGE WALLMASTER Plastering (Palitada) CHB Laying and Filling (Asintada) Synthetic Fiber for Cast in Place Concrete * Fibrin 23 (Polypropylene Extract Synthetic Fiber) Commonly used in Slab on Grade Concrete Floor Hardener * Ashford Formula Cold Fluid Applied Waterproofing * Polydek (Elastomeric, Single Component Water Based Waterproofing Membrane) For sealing of Fire Walls, Concrete Roof Slabs, Gutters, etc. Genset / Transformer Room, Planters, Laboratories, Terraces Modified Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing * Boscolastic (2-Component Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing) Concrete Water Tanks Bathrooms, Balconies, Terraces Swimming Pools and Pool Decks Planter Boxes, Canopies Epoxy Tank Lining * Bostik ETL-FG60 (Two-Component Epoxy with Polyamide Curing Agent) Cistern Tanks Water-Retaining Structures Metal and Concrete Tank Facilities Swimming Pools and Tubs Boiler Feeds, Cargo Tanks Backer Rod * Polyethylene Foam (Closed Cell, Non-Cross Linked) Construction Joint Sealant

* ABC Polyurethane Expansion & Connection Joints in Building Construction Perimeter Sealing of Window and Door Frames Sealing Architectural Joints such as Granite Facade, Precast Concrete, etc