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Mike Maloy Ms. Olding Rhetorical Essay 30-Oct-13

Fat Bottomed Country Girls

Throughout the seventies and eighties Queen became one of the influential and popular bands of the glam movement. They have a very unique sound that is a combination of hard rock instrumentation and chorus style vocals. Jason Aldean is one of the top artists in country music today. He has a unique sound that combines outlaw country music with a classic rock and roll vibe. Queen and Jason Aldean have many similarities and obvious differences, but in the songs Fat Bottomed Girls and Shes Country both bands have very similar messages, style, and song structure. Queen formed in 1971 with lead singer Freddie Mercury, lead guitarist Brian May, lead bassist John Deacon, and Roger Taylor on drums. Queen has had countless hits and number one albums throughout their remarkable career. Their top albums include; A Night At The Opera, The Game, and News Of The World (queenonline). Some of their greatest hits included; Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust, We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions (queenonline). Jason Aldean like most country artists today is finding his success in a solo career. Jason was born in Macon Georgia and moved to Nashville Tennessee in 1998 when he was twenty one years old to start his music career (IMDB). Since that time he has come out with five different

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albums that have brought him twelve number one hit songs (jasonaldean). His two most recent albums; My Kinda Party which won album of the year in 2011, and the current number one album Night Train have shot Aldean to a new level of success in country music (jasonaldean). Some of Jasons top hits include; Dirt Road Anthem, Big Green Tractor, and Night Train (jasonaldean). Fat Bottomed Girls is off of Queens 1978 album Jazz and is also one of their greatest hits of all time. The song uses various aspects in the instrumentation, lyrics, and structure to convey its overall message. Using ethos, Queen is very credible to the meaning of this song which is, fat bottomed girls make the rockin world go round (azlyrics). Queen is a credible authority on this subject because they were some of the leading rock stars in the seventies and eighties and would constantly be met with girls backstage after shows. The song can easily connect with the audience because they can also have the same views about girls and sex and can relate to the lyrics of the song. Queen uses pathos in the more technical side of the song including instrumentation, tempo, and tone. The overall feel of Fat Bottomed Girls is very positive and happy. The tone of the song is very unique in that there is a very heavy guitar and drum based hard rock song backed by lyrics about sex. Queen was one of the best vocal groups of all time with each member providing their own unique sound. The vocals of the group greatly compliment the instrumentation of the song and add to the meaning of the lyrics by showing support to the message from four members rather than just a lead singer. The instrumentation similar to the vocals, provide the overall feel of the song which is a feeling of joy and excitement. The heavy guitar of Brian May backed by the bass of John Deacon provides a classic rock and roll sound that is all kept in rhythm by the drums of Roger Taylor.

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The logos of Fat Bottomed Girls shows how the lyrics tie into the overall meaning of the song along with providing the structure of the song. The lyrics tell a story of how a person came to like fat bottomed girls and how he will never be able to get over them. The first verse talks about how the persons craving for fat bottomed girls started with a nanny he had as a child. She was such a naughty nanny, heap big woman you made a bad boy out of me (azlyrics). The song goes on to show how he cannot resist the draw of these girls and the affect they have on him. But their beauty and their style, went kind of smooth after a while, take me to them naught ladies every time (azlyrics). The song also has a very logical structure of verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus that easily tells the story of how this man came to love fat bottomed girls. Shes Country is off of Jason Aldeans Wide Open album and was one of his breakthrough songs that brought him into mainstream country music. Jason presents himself as a bad boy outlaw of country music and sings mostly about country parties, girls, and country life. This makes it very easy for the audience to connect with his songs because most of the lyrics he sings are about their everyday lives. Jason is a credible source of what a true country girl is because he was born and raised in Georgia and has been around the country lifestyle his whole life. Also, Jason is a country rock star who is constantly surrounded by country girls backstage while on tour. The pathos of Jason Aldeans songs comes through the instrumentation, vocalization, and tempo. The song Shes Country has a very positive and joyful feel to it that makes it easy for people to connect with. Aldean has a very unique tone that combines country with a heavy rock and roll sound. The heavy guitar riffs in the song help to emphasize the lyrics about the ideal country girl and her style of living. The thundering drums keep the beat and tempo of the song and greatly compliment the riffs and solos from the guitar. The vocals are the final piece to the

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puzzle of the tone of the song and the description of the ideal country girl. Jasons singing style includes a low almost raspy voice that gives the song its badass feel. Jason does assume his audience agrees with the values in this song because most of the audience members were raised in a similar way to him. The logos of Shes Country is found in the lyrics conveying the overall meaning of the song along with how it is structured. The lyrics are essentially a description of the ideal country girl and what her lifestyle is. The song starts with examples of true country girls around the southern states. Shes a raging Cajun, a lunatic from Brunswick, juicy Georgia peach (azlyrics). The chorus talks about the country girls lifestyle and the values she upholds. Shes country, from the songs she plays to the prayers she prays, thats the way she was born and raised, she aint afraid to stay, country (azlyrics). Overall, the lyrics describe a girl who works hard for what she has, upholds her faith in God, and loves to get a little crazy when she parties. The song has a very basic logical structure of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus that helps the audience visualize the ideal country girl. Queen and Jason Aldean have various similar ways of presenting their music and connecting with audiences. Both Fat Bottomed Girls and Shes Country have similar themes of sex and girls. Queen and Jason also both have a great ability to connect with their audience by performing songs that the audience can easily relate to. Although Aldean is a country artist both bands have a rock and roll sound of heavy guitars backed by thundering drums. The bands are also similar in that they are both rock stars that can have almost anything they want including girls, which makes them credible to their songs.

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Along with having a few similarities, Queen and Jason Aldean also have a few differences between them. The instrumentation of the two has a few minute differences. Queen is a classic rock band that relies on guitars, drums, and piano. Although Jason Aldean has a rock and roll sound from the guitars and drums, he is still in the genre of country and additional instruments like the fiddle, banjo, and steel guitar are found in his songs. The greatest difference between the two bands is the vocalization. Queens vocals are a major contributor to their sound, especially with one of the best vocalists of all time in Freddie Mercury. Jason Aldeans vocals are the polar opposite of Mercurys being low and rasp y obtaining a more raw sound. Fat Bottomed Girls and Shes Country both have similar messages, style, and song structure, which also shows the similarities and differences between Queen and Jason Aldean. Both bands have a similar hard rock sound with exception to Aldeans additional country instruments. The vocalizations are the greatest difference, being more chorus style from Queen, and more raspy and low from Jason. Although they hit the tops of their careers over twenty years apart and are in completely different genres both Jason Aldean and Queen are simply rock stars.

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