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PRACTICE EXAM North Toronto Collegiate Institute Time: 1.5 hours Marks: 34 ENGLISH 1D Students Na e! _________________________________ "or !

_____ Tea#her! B. An rio!ou"os# $. Ba%e&&' (ones# ). Da*is# E. Douce&# M. +a%man# (. Mc,augh&on# -circ"e one &eacher.s name/ "ools#a$ is re%uired& 'N(TE'! The Part A 0ues&ions mus& be ans1ere in com!"e&e sen&ences. The Part ) 0ues&ion mus& be ans1ere in one# ana"2&ica" !aragra!h. 3&2"e# organi%a&ion an mechanica" correc&ness 1i"" be consi ere in &he e*a"ua&ion of 2our ans1ers. A ic&ionar2 ma2 be use # bu& no& share . 4ou mus& ans*er +oth Part A and Part )& Part A! Narrati,e Ele ents and Te#hni%ues Instru#tions! The fo""o1ing 0ues&ions are &o be ans1ere in concise an com!"e&e sen&ences. 5ea &he 0ues&ions carefu""2. 1. 3hor& s&or2 &i&"es in irec&"2 !ro*i e c"ues abou& or connec& &o &he &heme. Create ano&her# origina" title an ex!"ain &he ne1 &i&"e.s effec&i*eness. 63 marks/ 7. 8 en&if2 one exam!"e of -oreshado*ing in 9,e*er:. 61 mark/ December Exam Pages 1 of 3

3. 9,e*er: con&ains man2 exam!"es of -igurati,e language. 8 en&if2 three ifferen& &2!es use in &he s&or2 -exc"u ing foresha o1ing/ an for each &2!e 1ri&e &he exac& exam!"e. 6; marks/ 4. <rom &he beginning of &he shor& s&or2 an before ,ei"ie missing &he ;:1=# Ba&es escribes ,ei"ie &hrough her ac&ions an &hough&s. Pro*i e t*o des#ri$ti,e and.or ,i,id *ords from &he s&or2 as exam!"es &ha& charac&ori%e ,ei"ie. 67 marks/ 5. Throughou& 9,e*er: &he au&hor uses re$etition in ,ei"ie.s ac&ions an &hough&s &o re*ea" &he #on-li#t. Identi-/ the #on-li#t an brief"2 escribe ho1 three ifferen& e0a $les o- re$etition connec& &o &he conf"ic&. - 64 marks/ ;. A& &he en of &he s&or2# ,e""ie.s fa&her re!ea&s &he 1or 9 never &hree &imes. >ha& literar/ de,i#e oes Ba&es use &o re*ea" &he the e? Brief"2 ex!"ain ho1 &his e*ice #onne#ts to the the e. 63 marks/ Reading! .11 ar2s

Part )! Sight Passage Instru#tions! 5ea carefu""2 &he shor& s&or2# 9,e*er:# b2 @.E. Ba&es# an ans1er (NE of &he fo""o1ing 0ues&ions: 8n a $olished $aragra$h o- 3 415 senten#es# ex!"ain ho1 &he main charac&er re*ea"s &he &heme of 9,e*er:. (R 8n a $olished $aragra$h o- 3615 senten#es# ex!"ain ho1 a s2mbo" in &he s&or2# 9,e*er:# ser*es &o re*ea" &he &heme of &he s&or2. Reading -ana"2sis/ 7riting -effec&i*e !aragra!h cons&ruc&ion/ Language -correc& grammar an s!e""ing/ E0a total! Reading .89 : 7riting .; : 65 65 65 Language .; < .=9

-,o&e: 5ea ing# >ri&ing an $anguage are each gi*en a 1eigh& of 15/