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These projects are planned for the downtown Bremerton area this winter. Warren Avenue Bridge What: Warren Avenue Bridge water main replacement When: mid-December through April How much: $1.7 million, paid by ratepayers Inconvenience: Pedestrian walkways closed on one side. Single-lane closure overnight; daytime lane closure 20 days during construction. Evergreen Park What: Accessible playground being installed at Evergreen Rotary Park When: Work starts in January How much: Paid for with $250,000 grant and private donations Sheldon Boulevard What: Sheldon Boulevard revamp When: January through May How much: $2 million, paid by ratepayers Inconvenience: Periodic closure of Sheldon and its sidewalks Pacific Avenue What: Pacific Avenue reconstruction When: Ongoing through May How much: $3.5 million, funded by federal grant Inconvenience: Street is one-way during construction. Sixth between Washington and Park could be closed between Christmas and early January
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Warren Ave. 11th St. Park Ave. 6th St. Burwell St.

Conference Center What: Expansion of Kitsap Conference Center on Bremerton waterfront When: On going, work likely finished by March How much: $1.2 million, with funds coming from the city of Bremerton, Kitsap Public Facilities District and Kitsap Transit