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Moreland Report Final

Moreland Report Final

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Published by Casey Seiler
From the Moreland panel on public corruption
From the Moreland panel on public corruption

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Published by: Casey Seiler on Dec 02, 2013
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The Commission is vigorously investigating the role of money in politics and the

weaknesses within New York’s current campaign finance system. We have issued dozens of

subpoenas and requests for information, conducted interviews (including former and current
legislators and other officials, lobbyists and their clients, and expert and lay witnesses), received
millions of pages of documents, taken testimony at three public hearings, and engaged a
sophisticated data analytics platform to synthesize massive data sets. Much of what our
investigation reveals must await fuller public disclosure. What can be shared is deeply
disheartening but perhaps unsurprising: the effect of unregulated or under-regulated money in
our political system profoundly corrodes that system. Data gathered in just a few of our
investigations illustrate these pervasive problems.

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